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Firewall as a Service

Rent instead of buy and enjoy the benefits

Managed Security - Offers

No leasing, no financing - simply rent the Securepoint NextGen UTM firewall and design your own service.

Stay flexible

Respond flexibly to the fluctuating requirements of your customers with rental and service offers.


All types available

Access the complete pool of Securepoint NextGen UTM firewalls - from Black Dwarf to RC1000.


More Services

On-site service, Antivirus Pro and Mobile Security included. Our support will help you with set-up and operation.


Which benefits come with Firewall as a Service?

Our video explains how you can react flexibly to the individual requirements of your customers. (Audio available in german language only.)

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Managed Security

Offering a customer a protected environment at a fixed monthly price - this is what optimal managed service/managed security offers look like. However, this often no longer works when it comes to licences and, at the latest, hardware.

Securepoint's "Firewall as a Service" is a genuine rental offer. With a low minimum rental period of three months (after which it can be terminated monthly), you can design your own service without any leasing, financing or risk. Expand the offer with Mobile Security, Antivirus Pro or UMA (email archiving) - MSP-compatible offers are available for all services.

Service included

The Managed Service Firewall comes with a comprehensive package of services. You can be sure that you will always meet the requirements of your customers. To this end, our support team assists you during installation or commissioning and during operation over the entire term. Should anything ever be defective despite the high quality, the hardware will be replaced immediately (On-site service).

Order now directly from our accredited distributors. For detailed service descriptions, please refer to the ordering process.

In addition to the firewall incl. licence, on-site service, Antivirus Pro and Mobile Security are already included in the price.

Order "Firewall as a Service" today


To order, you must link your account in the TERRA CLOUD Center with your Securepoint Reseller account. To do this, click on the cogwheel at the bottom left, then on "My additional services" > "Securepoint".

After successful linking, you will find our products under: "TERRA CLOUD" -> "Security as a Service".

If you have any further questions about the ordering process, please feel free to contact the WORTMANN AG Security Team (e-mail:

Via api Cloud

To order, you need to link your account in the api Cloud with your Securepoint reseller account. To do so, click on the cogwheel at the bottom left, then on "My additional services" > "Securepoint".

If you have any further questions about the ordering process, please feel free to contact the api Security team (email:

Solutions for your companies IT security

Three different UTM firewalls in one server cabinet

UTM Firewalls

The basis of network security

  • High-end content filter
  • Double virus filter
  • Anti-spam functions
Controller against computer virus is turned to Delete

Antivirus PRO

The antivirus for businesses

  • High-performance scan engine
  • Fast and unobtrusive
  • Central management
Man sitting in front of laptop with smartphone in hand

Securepoint Mobile Security

MDM and firewall to Go

  • Security for smartphone and tablet
  • Full mobile device management
  • Encrypted connections
Woman sitting with tablet on a desk in an office

Legally compliant e-mail archiving

With Unified Mail Archive

  • Intuitive search engine
  • Tamper-proof 
  • DSGVO and GoBD ready
View through an open safe door onto lockers

Reliable data backup

With Unified Backup

  • The last protection against ransomware
  • Reliable, fast, up-to-date
  • Server in Germany
Man and woman in an office in front of a computer


With Awareness PLUS

  • Makes employees a "human firewall
  • Regular IT security training
  • Measurable learning success