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Data protection with Unified Backup

Encrypted & secured

The backup cloud runs on geo-redundant servers in Germany, which avoids downtime. Even before the data is transferred to the cloud, all files are encrypted.


Automated & incremental

The Unified Backup software automatically backs up all changes at user-defined intervals using DeltaPro technology. This particularly efficient backup takes place up to four times a day.


Backup server in Germany

No data transfer across the pond, no support from distant call centers, guaranteed free of backdoors: Securepoint stands for IT security made in Germany.


Protect enterprise data

Protect your corporate data, customer data, project information and intellectual property with Unified Backup from Securepoint.


Awarded: Unified Backup

Our data protection-compliant solution Securepoint Unified Backup achieved a top spot in the techconsult diamond right from its first participation in the study thanks to the consistently very good ratings it received from users.


Your backup software at a glance

Data backup is considered time-consuming, storage media and bandwidth intensive. Unified Backup from Securepoint is a cloud solution. In future, you can leave hard drives and other storage media in the drawer. Backup cloud applications ensure maximum availability and fast, reliable recovery of your data.


What does Unified Backup offer?

  • Multiple deployment options for immediate backup disaster recovery
  • Restore according to your requirements on dedicated hardware or in virtual environments
  • Conveniently retrieve entire backups or individual files from the cloud - at no additional cost!

Data protection with Unified Backup

  • Individual backup intervals
  • Up to 44 restore points
  • Easy operation via web portal
  • DeltaPro technology reduces data transfer
  • Encryption of all data before transfer
  • Versatile restore options in case of data loss
  • EU DS-GVO ready

Why are backups important for my business?

Backing up files from company servers and employee hard drives is essential for businesses. With reliable and close-meshed data backup, ransomware can harm your data in the future just as little as system crashes, accidents or user errors: Based on an initial full backup, up to four backups are carried out daily.


Individual backups - you have the backup in your hand

For regular data backups, you can configure up to 44 backup points, which also serve as restore points. Instead of the daily and monthly backups that are common in the industry, Unified Backup allows you to make up to four backups a day - fast and resource-saving thanks to Delta Pro technology: Based on an initial full backup of the entire data stock, only the respective changes to individual files are transferred quickly and without gaps in the subsequent backups.

Should an emergency occur, you need to be able to restore your data quickly. Up to four backups a day enable you to restore individual files or entire drives with a high degree of up-to-dateness. In this way, data that has been accidentally changed or moved to the recycle bin is available again in the shortest possible time.

In the event of a disaster recovery, thanks to DeltaPro technology, you always have access to a complete backup instead of stitching together individual increments.

Unified Backup offers a safe haven for your data with geo-redundant backup servers in Germany and efficient, gapless backups!

Data backup in Germany

Outsourcing data protection to the backup cloud ensures high service availability and efficient utilisation of your internal IT. Securepoint Unified Backup adds another level to your security by exclusively using backup servers in German data centres. This has several advantages for you.


Securepoint Unified Backup enables companies to easily back up their data in the cloud in compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as there is no data transfer to countries with different data protection regulations.

Products developed by Securepoint are guaranteed to be free of backdoors. These "backdoors", which are present with some manufacturers, can represent vulnerabilities and allow unauthorised persons access to your data.

The Securepoint support team of qualified specialists looks after you from our headquarters in Lüneburg by telephone or via remote access. Our Germany-wide service partners are on site with you and solve problems directly.

Unified Backup product details

Product: Securepoint Unified Backup 


Suitable for: Cloud-based backup for PC and server systems

Brief overview:

  • Simple set-up and operation via web portal
  • Individually configurable backup intervals
  • Up to 44 freely selectable restore points
  • DeltaPro technology reduces unnecessary data traffic through incremental data storage
  • Encryption of all data before transmission
  • Versatile restore options in case of data loss
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Clear cost structure
  • EU DS-GVO ready


Windows Server: 

  • Windows Server 2019: Essentials, Standard, Datacenter, Server Core
  • Windows Server 2016: Essentials, Standard, Datacenter, Server Core
  • Windows Server 2012 R2: Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter, Server Core
  • Windows Server 2012: Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter, Server Core
  • Windows Storage Server 2012: Standard, Workgroup
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011: Essentials, Standard, Premium
  • Windows Server 2008 R2: Standard (SP1), Enterprise (SP1), Datacenter (SP1), Server Core (SP1)
  • Windows Storage Server 2008 R2: Standard (SP1), Enterprise (SP1), Workgroup (SP1), Essentials (SP1)
  • Windows Small Business Server 2008: Standard (SP2), Premium (SP2)
  • Windows Server 2008: Standard (SP2), Enterprise (SP2), Datacenter (SP2), Server Core (SP2), Basic (SP2), Workgroup (SP2)
  • Windows Storage 2008: Standard (SP2), Enterprise (SP2)

Windows Client: 

  • Windows 10 ab Version 1909: Home, Pro, Enterprise
  • Windows 8.1: Enterprise
  • Windows 8: Enterprise
  • Windows 7: Enterprise (SP1), Premium (SP1), Professional (SP1), Ultimate (SP1)


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SP4)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SP4)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 (SP4)
  • openSUSE Leap 15.0
  • openSUSE Leap 42.3
  • openSUSE Leap 42.2
  • openSUSE Linux Enterprise Server 13.2
  • openSUSE Linux Enterprise Server 13.1
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 (Update 6)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7 (Update 4)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 (Update 10)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 6 (Update 9)
  • CentOS 7 (Update 6)
  • CentOS 6 (Update 10)
  • Oracle Linux Server 7 (Update 6)
  • Oracle Linux Server 6 (Update 10)
  • Ubuntu Server 18.10
  • Ubuntu Server 18.04
  • Ubuntu Server 16.04
  • Ubuntu Server 14.10
  • Ubuntu Desktop 14.10
  • Ubuntu Server 14.04
  • Ubuntu Desktop 14.04
  • Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
  • Debian 9 (Update 8)
  • Debian 8.10
  • Debian 8.8
  • Debian 7.8
  • Debian 6.0.10

Supported file systems under Linux: 

  • ext2
  • ext3
  • ext4
  • XFS
  • GFS
  • ReiserFS
  • JFS


IT security at all levels

Using backup software adds an important layer to corporate IT security. In terms of unified security, you can also preventively protect your data from loss and manipulation by external events by adding more layers.


Unified Backup brochure (PDF)



IT security at all levels

Three UTM firewalls in one server cabinet


Securepoint's award-winning NextGen UTM firewall uses machine learning and the expertise of our team of analysts to provide the highest level of security against viruses, Trojans and other malware.

man with smartphone in his hand

Mobile Security

Mobile Security makes mobile devices incl. iOS/iPadOS devices as secure as in the company network. Manage mobile devices conveniently via a central web interface and control apps, functions and user profiles.

Antivirus dial is turned to Delete

Antivirus for business

Securepoint Antivirus Pro is an extremely lean and effective application that reliably protects endpoints from malware, making it a multiple champion in the "Endpoint Protection" category of the Professional User Rating.