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Multiplying Cybersecurity with Awareness Trainings

Employee negligence is the biggest threat to corporate cyber security. Your strongest protection against viruses and Trojans: wide awake colleagues. With Awareness PLUS you establish a sustainable security culture that protects your company and your employees equally.

With Awareness PLUS you have access to a modern e-learning platform with versatile learning modules and extensive customisation options. Templates for sectors such as medical practices, consumer goods manufacturers or public authorities and administration increase the quality of the training.

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Programme content

  • E-learning platform with multimedia learning modules
  • Regular, industry-specific phishing and spear phishing simulations
  • Attacks can be customised for greater credibility
  • 11 learning modules on IT security
  • 6 learning videos on IT security
  • Industry-specific templates for exercises
  • Access to manager portal and analytics dashboard
  • High motivation through gamification elements (points, badges)
  • Certificates for modules passed
  • Teaching of data protection aspects
  • Available in German and English

Train your awareness muscle

Mindfulness and attention become routine through practice. The effect of one-off courses or workshops quickly fades, and once an encryption Trojan has landed on your hard drive, any training comes too late.

Awareness PLUS trains the awareness muscle over the course of a year through varied exercises and sustainably sharpens the view of the risks and dangers of the digital world.

Train your team to be a "human firewall" - stronger and smarter than any AI could be.

Evaluation and analysis

Intuitive dashboards for management visualise programme content and learning progress. Detailed overviews and analyses show how many threats were detected and which attack strategy proved particularly successful. This gives you valuable information on which areas require further training.


Awareness PLUS brochure (PDF)

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IT security at all levels

Three UTM firewalls in one server cabinet


Securepoint's award-winning NextGen UTM firewall uses machine learning and the expertise of our team of analysts to provide the highest level of security against viruses, Trojans and other malware.

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Mobile Security

Mobile Security makes mobile devices incl. iOS/iPadOS devices as secure as in the company network. Manage mobile devices conveniently via a central web interface and control apps, functions and user profiles.

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Antivirus for business

Securepoint Antivirus Pro is an extremely lean and effective application that reliably protects endpoints from malware, making it a multiple champion in the "Endpoint Protection" category of the Professional User Rating.