• Made in Germany

• Free of backdoors

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Mobile Security &

• Mobile Device Management (MDM)

• Mobile Device Protection

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Antivirus Pro

• Comprehensive virus protection

• Incl. Cloud-Management

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• Legal requirements

• Protection against data loss

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New: Securepoint UMA NG

With the new UMA NG we take e-mail archiving to the next level for you. Thanks to the completely new development and streamlining of the system, our e-mail archive receives an enormous increase in performance.

Securepoint UMA NG
Securepoint Unified Security
IT security from one source

Network Security

  • NextGen UTM-Firewall
  • Threat protection
  • Secure communication while surfing the web and emailing
  • Two- and three-factor authentication (OTP)

Mobile Security & Management

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Security and data protection
  • Simplest commissioning

Endpoint Security

  • Comprehensive virus protection
  • Highest detection rates
  • Conserving resources
  • Central Cloud Management

Mail Security

  • E-mail archiving
  • Search engine for e-mails
  • Protection against data loss
  • Meets legal requirements

Operation Center

  • Central Management
  • Log server and report generator
  • Automatic backups

VPN products

  • VPN gateway
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Free SSL VPN Client


  • Comprehensive product training
  • In-depth know-how
  • Free webinars and videos


  • German manufacturer support
  • Trained IT specialists
  • Free for partners

Holistic IT security solutions

Our security solutions form a holistic, comprehensive protection that wraps itself around the customer's IT like the layers of an onion. Through the coordinated combination of all products and layers, we achieve an outstanding level of protection for our customers. This is what we call Securepoint Unified Security.

The optimal linking of individual components such as NextGen UTM firewall, mobile security, antivirus pro and e-mail archiving is unique on the market. Securepoint enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) to achieve enterprise-level protection that is unique in the industry.

Instruction: Homeoffice with Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewall

  • We will show you how to set up a secure home office connection via VPN, tell you what to look out for and what tips and tricks are available here.

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Mit dem neuen UMA NG heben wir die E-Mail-Archivierung für Sie auf den nächsten Level. Dank der kompletten Neuentwicklung und Verschlankung des...

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Mehr als 900 angreifbare Zugänge von Unternehmen sind jetzt in Form von IP-Adressen, Benutzernamen und Passwörtern in einem Forum für Cyberkriminelle...

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