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IT security in the skilled trades and construction industry

The skilled trades and digitization have gone hand in hand for years. Construction plans on the tablet, 3D house models, digital piping plans and drones for roof surveying - Craft 4.0 has great potential. Data is exchanged worldwide in just a few seconds. Outdated construction plans, large piles of paper and illegible notes are a thing of the past.


Two craftsmen check plans on a laptop.

IT security for craft businesses

A craftswoman checks her inventory on the laptop.

IT security for workshops

An architect shows the 3D model of the house to a client.

IT Security for Architectural & Engineering Firms

Securepoint is

one of the most successful providers of IT security in the skilled trades sector. Our experts and partners know the requirements for your IT security. They have the right solutions for businesses of all sizes and are always available to advise you.


We have the right IT security solutions for your applications:

  • Actively protect your IT network within your offices, workshops and branches from viruses, spam and much more with a UTM firewall. We offer various devices for small to large numbers of users - also with WLAN.
  • On construction sites and mobile working, Securepoint Mobile Device Management secures your mobile devices. Encrypted connections, antivirus and filters keep your smartphone, tablet and data safe from cybercriminals.
  • We support you with the DSGVO-compliant archiving of your emails. Tamper-proof and equipped with a search engine, you can find any email you thought was lost.
  • Besides hardware and software, your employees are the last resort for IT security. We call this the 'human firewall'. With the 'Awareness PLUS' training you create a sustainable security culture.


Networked technology and sensitive construction and customer data place the highest demands on IT security.


The Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Handwerk has published a comprehensive route planner for safe handling for IT in the skilled crafts sector. In the result you will find our IT solutions for your craft business.


The goal of cyber criminals is the exploitation of data, especially customer data. Another goal would be the extortion of ransom money through the encryption of data by means of ransomware.

Regardless of the goal pursued by the criminals, the (image) damage caused by the loss of data or the failure of the business can cost them their existence.

With a sophisticated IT security strategy consisting of hardware and software, you can promote your craft business. You build trust with your customers and partners (e.g. dealers).


Depending on the size of the business and the available technology, individual planning is crucial. On average, the set-up can take place in your offices in half a day.


Awareness PLUS consists of two parts - an e-learning and an IT security training. The e-learning can be completed in a few hours. The cyber awareness training exercises your employees in everyday life.


Project support

On request, we accompany your projects from planning to implementation - also on site. Draw on the expertise of our team for a wide range of industries and applications.


Our IT solutions for your craft business

Three different UTM firewalls in one server cabinet

UTM Firewalls

The basis of network security

  • High-end content filter
  • Double virus filter
  • Anti-spam functions
Controller against computer virus is turned to Delete

Antivirus PRO

The antivirus for businesses

  • High-performance scan engine
  • Fast and unobtrusive
  • Central management
Man sitting in front of laptop with smartphone in hand

Securepoint Mobile Security

MDM and firewall to Go

  • Security for smartphone and tablet
  • Full mobile device management
  • Encrypted connections

Manage mobile devices centrally

With Mobile Device Management

  • Control over apps and rights
  • For Apple and Android
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
View through an open safe door onto lockers

Reliable data backup

With Unified Backup

  • The last protection against ransomware
  • Reliable, fast, up-to-date
  • Server in Germany
Man and woman in an office in front of a computer


With Awareness PLUS

  • Makes employees a "human firewall
  • Regular IT security training
  • Measurable learning success

As a German IT manufacturer, Securepoint is at your side and supports you in implementing concrete measures to improve IT security.

We are at your disposal with a direct contact person, optimal service and excellent technical support. The TeleTrusT trust mark "IT Security made in Germany" guarantees that our self-developed solutions are free of technical backdoors and implement the highest legal data protection standards.

By using our solutions you ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability. As a partner and manufacturer, we support you with our comprehensive "Unified Security" concept.