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Responsibility is more than just a word

Every day, people in companies, schools or hospitals rely on the protection and support of IT security solutions made by Securepoint. It is our responsibility to live up to this trust through high-performance products and first-class service.

However, the responsibility of a company goes far beyond its products and services. We want to live a fair, open and appreciative relationship with our customers, partners, employees and service providers. We refrain from taking advantage at the expense of the environment and society. We constantly implement new measures and goals in order to fulfil our corporate responsibility as part of society.

Gruppenbild der Securepoint Mitarbeiter von der Firmenfeier 2022

Focus on staff

Personen vor mehreren Windkraftanlagen.

Focus on renewable energies


Strong together with NABU


Partner von Enactus Germany e.V.

Our Employees

The investments in our employees are sustainable ones in our future as a company. Our team stands for diversity, which enriches everyday life immensely. People from different backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, religion and culture, have been working closely together for many years. This diversity makes our team more efficient due to the different strengths and the interaction more lively.

Our goal is to create a trustworthy, respectful, appreciative and familiar working environment in our day-to-day work, in which our team feels comfortable. To achieve this, we offer, among other things:

  • Home office
  • Work-life balance and family friendliness
  • Company pension scheme
  • Company health insurance, e.g. for preventive health care and dental treatment

Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement:

  • Zuschuss zur betrieblichen Altersvorsorge
  • Arbeitgeberfinanzierte betriebliche Krankenversicherung für die Bereiche Gesundheitsvorsorge und Zahnbehandlungen
  • Company health management
  • Independent information and counselling services for (psychological) problems or in crisis situations
  • Regular events for employees
  • Free drinks (water, coffee, tea)

In the search for qualified employees, we can use the " CHIP Top Employer for IT Jobs 2023" seal to score points. This proves our strength as an employer and as a brand.

Good partnerships

Through our forward-looking ideas, tireless work and drive to constantly improve, we are now one of Germany's largest software manufacturers in the field of cybersecurity. We combine our visions with entrepreneurial thinking.

As a responsible manufacturer, we see it as our task to help specialised trade partners in their work and to give them our backing. This form of support for partners and system houses with problems and projects has been part of Securepoint's DNA for more than 25 years now and is a central component of our company philosophy.

Ecological aspects

Every contribution to sustainability counts - no matter how small. Our customers, partners and employees rightly expect this from us. Our goal is a future worth living and an increasingly smaller ecological footprint.

    Company headquarters:

    • Deliberate closeness to the railway station for optimal bus/train connections allows environmentally friendly travel for many employees
    • Increased use of various hybrid drives and electric cars in the company car fleet
    • Possibility of using JobRad (bike) for climate-neutral commuting to work
      • Reusable tableware and waste separation
      • Careful use of equipment and materials
      • Paperless meetings and use of digital documents
      • CO2-neutral printing of flyers and brochures


      • More performance per watt with improved energy efficiency is good for the environment, e.g. with the new UTM firewalls of the G5 series.
      • By switching our product range to "As a Service", we as owners decide on the whereabouts of hardware. If something is defective, we replace it. The devices become refurbished goods and go back into our circular economy. In this way, we avoid wasting valuable, scarce resources.
      • The packaging of all devices contains a reduced amount of plastic and foils as well as filling material made of recycled paper.
      • When the size of our hardware changes, we adjust the box size - we don't have "cheat packs" that are designed to visually fake size.
      • Larger orders with outer packaging are shipped from our own warehouse exclusively with the ecological GreenCor® packaging, a very resource-saving and environmentally friendly packaging. If we have to repackage, the environment should suffer as little as possible.
      • The roofs of the data centres we use are equipped with solar panels that cover a large part of our electricity needs. A significant proportion of these data centres are powered entirely by electricity from 100 per cent renewable energy sources and are certified accordingly.
      • When choosing our cooperation partners, we also pay attention to compliance with important standards in the area of environmental and sustainability management. This applies, for example, to our strategic partner Wortmann AG. The Hüllhorst-based distributor and IT manufacturer has been certified according to ISO standard 14001:2015 for its environmental management system in the areas of production and sales of IT hardware and services.

      For school and education

      Securepoint engagiert sich aktiv für die Ausbildung junger Menschen und kooperiert mit den örtlichen Schulen, Berufsschulen, der Berufsakademie und der Leuphana Universität. Von Bewerbungstrainings an Schulen über Praktikumsangebote bis hin zur Beteiligung an regionalen IHK-Projekten wie "Moin Future" und Ausbildungsbotschaftern fließen bei uns beträchtliche Personalressourcen in den Bereich Bildung. Unsere Übernahmequote im Bereich Fachinformatik liegt 2023 bei 100%.

      Im Sommer 2023 starten insgesamt neun Auszubildende und vier Dual Studierende bei Securepoint. Die Ausbildungsquote steigt auf 14 Prozent. So bieten wir jungen Menschen eine langfristige Perspektive in einer Zukunftsbranche.

      In addition, we conduct regular job application training in general education schools and have been supporting Lüneburg's vocational schools with practical IT training in the classroom for several years. The opportunity to do internships for career guidance completes our commitment in the area of school education.

      In order to offer high-performing junior staff long-term prospects, we have been cooperating with the Lüneburg University of Cooperative Education for a dual bachelor's degree in business administration (BWL) for several years. We are currently actively shaping a new dual course of study in IT and media management, which is expected to be offered from 2024.

      The most important aspects for us when recruiting trainees are motivation and professional aptitude. All interested parties have a chance - regardless of gender, origin and nationality. Our human resources department regularly assists in coordinating with the foreigners authority, the employment agency, the job centre or other authorities.

      It is particularly important to us to get more women interested in the often male-dominated IT sector. The fact that we have been able to convince female trainees to join our IT department for three years in a row shows that our long-term commitment is bearing fruit.

      Unser gemeinnütziges Engagement

      Als erfolgreiches Unternehmen hat es sich Securepoint zum Ziel gesetzt, die Arbeit regionaler Organisationen zu stärken. Gerade in herausfordernden Zeiten ist es wichtig, Verantwortung für seine Mitmenschen zu übernehmen. Diese Art der gesellschaftlichen Teilhabe ist für uns von großer Bedeutung.

      Daher unterstützt Securepoint regelmäßig soziale Projekte, so beispielsweise das Kinder-Hospiz „Sternenbrücke“ in Hamburg im Jahr 2019 oder das Projekt "LernRaum" der Lüneburger Kindertafel 2020. Mit der Spende für die Lüneburger Kindertafel leisten wir einen Beitrag zur Bildungsgerechtigkeit mit Blick auf die sozialen Herausforderungen, auch in der Corona-Krise. In 2021 haben wir sechs verschiedene regionale Projekte direkt unterstützt: das "Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V." bei der Ausbildung ehrenamtlicher Helfenden für den ambulanten Standort Lüneburg, den "Round Table Lüneburg", den "Förderverein Frauenhaus Lüneburg e.V.", den "Förderverein des Gymnasiums Oedeme", den "Förderverein Grundschule an den Seewiesen Bad Bodenteich e.V." und das Projekt „Du darfst es sagen“ des Kinderschutzbundes Lüneburg.

      At the end of 2022, we donated 5,000 euros to the Friends of the Hermann-Löns-Schule in Lüneburg for the purchase of twelve iPads and a document camera. The sports hall of this school was converted into emergency accommodation for refugees last autumn. In the meantime, twelve of the children from different nations who were accommodated there are being taught at the Hermann-Löns-Schule. The children depend on technical aids to communicate with each other and to provide individual support in learning German. The new school-owned devices are to be used for translation, language and learning apps, among other things, in order to ensure basic communication in everyday school life and to integrate the children into the classroom in the best possible way.


      We are committed to data protection and IT security

      Securepoint GmbH follows the "no backdoors" principle like hardly any other company in the field of cyber security. With our products, we secure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of customer hardware and data. With "Privacy by Design & Default", we implement the highest security standards in our solutions.

      No hidden access codes and access mechanisms, i.e. no backdoors, are hidden in products developed by us. Third parties therefore have no uncontrolled access and no security-relevant functionalities can be deactivated. This is confirmed by Securepoint's memberships in the Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. and the "Alliance for Cyber Security" as well as the TeleTrust trust marks "IT Security made in Germany" and "IT Security made in EU".

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