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Managing school digitisation properly

In order to be able to use networks, digital media and devices in schools in a way that is suitable for everyday use and secure, you need the right functions. With Securepoint, you can manage the challenges of digitalisation. Secure and segment networks with UTM firewalls. Manage tablets and notebooks from a central interface and easily implement parental control, data protection and device protection. Whether it's effective mobile device management (MDM) or securing the school WLAN - let our expertise and solutions for your school digitisation convince you as a school authority.


The state promotes the expansion

With the "Digitalpakt Schule" (Digital Pact for Schools), the federal and state governments are providing more than 7 billion euros by the end of 2024 for the nationwide development of modern digital infrastructures in Germany's schools. 

The funding for school digitisation is therefore available, but to date the funds have hardly been used. Recognising and managing the opportunities and risks of school digitisation is a major challenge for every school and municipality.


Product recommendation firewall appliances - selection by school size

  Small school "S" Middle school "M" Big School "L"
School types Z. E.g. primary school, public school, pre-school (large KiTas) Z. E.g. Haupt- & Realschule, Gymnasium Z. E.g. comprehensive school, grammar school, vocational (technical) school
Number of pupils/school classes a. 50-200/2-8 Ca. 200-900/9-36 900+/36+
Number of teachers 3-20 20-60 60+
Bandwidth requirements 50 – 250 MBit/s 250 – 1.000 MBit/s >1.000 MBit/s
Product recommendationRC100/RC200/RC300SRC350R/RC400RRC1000R
UTM-Subscription – Infinity license EDUMVL 1/3/5 yearsMVL 1/3/5 yearsMVL 1/3/5 years

Lesen Sie mehr zu IT-Sicherheit an Schulen

Sicht auf die Oberschule Stade

Gemeinsam mit Schulträger den Standard definiert

Die Hansestadt Stade hat seine 16 Schulen zu Musterschulen des Digitalpaktes gemacht. In enger Zusammenarbeit ist das Systemhaus „CCV Computer Vertrieb“ für die Ausstattung und Betreuung der Schul-IT seit vielen Jahren verantwortlich.

G5 Firewall ist in einem Serverschrank eingebaut mit einer roten Beleuchtung

Lösungen für gute IT-Sicherheit an Schulen

Datenschutz und Jugendschutz stehen im Fokus, wenn Schulen digitalisiert werden. Die IT-Abteilung der Stadt Velbert und der Securepoint-Partner RODIAC EDV-Systemhaus GmbH verwirklichten zusammen ein Vorzeigeprojekt.

UTM Firewall im Serverschrank

Kostenneutraler Einsatz der Securepoint NAC im Gymnasium

Das Pinneberger Johannes-Brahms-Gymnasium setzt seit Juli 2012 in beiden Standorten erfolgreich den Securepoint NAC (Network Access Controller) zusammen mit zwei Securepoint Firewalls ein. Die Besonderheit dieser Installation liegt in der Kostenneutralität des Einsatzes für den Schulträger.

Project support

On request, we accompany your projects from planning to implementation - also on site. Draw on the expertise of our team for a wide range of industries and applications.


Digitise schools (PDF)

Download (German)


Our IT security solutions for the secure digitisation of schools

Three different UTM firewalls in one server cabinet

UTM Firewalls

The basis of network security

  • High-end content filter
  • Double virus filter
  • Anti-spam functions
Controller against computer virus is turned to Delete

Antivirus PRO

The antivirus for businesses

  • High-performance scan engine
  • Fast and unobtrusive
  • Central management
Man sitting in front of laptop with smartphone in hand

Securepoint Mobile Security

MDM and firewall to Go

  • Security for smartphone and tablet
  • Full mobile device management
  • Encrypted connections

Manage mobile devices centrally

With Mobile Device Management

  • Control over apps and rights
  • For Apple and Android
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
View through an open safe door onto lockers

Reliable data backup

With Unified Backup

  • The last protection against ransomware
  • Reliable, fast, up-to-date
  • Server in Germany
Man and woman in an office in front of a computer


With Awareness PLUS

  • Makes employees a "human firewall
  • Regular IT security training
  • Measurable learning success

As a German IT manufacturer, Securepoint is at your side and supports you in implementing concrete measures to improve IT security.

We are at your disposal with a direct contact person, optimal service and excellent technical support. The TeleTrusT trust mark "IT Security made in Germany" guarantees that our self-developed solutions are free of technical backdoors and implement the highest legal data protection standards.

By using our solutions you ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability. As a partner and manufacturer, we support you with our comprehensive "Unified Security" concept.