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Securepoint Antivirus Pro at a glance

Manage virus protection easily

Centralised control of all installations via the Securepoint online portal.

Contain virus infestation online

Process infections from anywhere and directly via the online portal.


Strong performance against malware

Multiple scans for a multi-award-winning detection rate.

Utilise resources efficiently

Resource-saving system architecture for maximum end device performance.

Take IT security in your company into your own hands

As a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can benefit from an antivirus programme from Germany. By using the different protection functions, you secure your company. Actively reduce the digital attack surface for threats from viruses, Trojans, malware and more.


Whether individual devices or server clusters: Here you will find the right solution for virus protection in the company.

Antivirus Pro Features

  • Central cloud management - security status at a glance!
  • High-performance and resource-saving: Work as usual. 
  • Award-winning scan engine - The champion in endpoint protection
  • Microsoft Windows 11 Ready - Compatible with all current Windows versions
  • Timely updates through connection to Securepoint's Cyber Defence Cloud
  • Scheduled scans / comprehensive scan profiles for reliable control
  • Quarantine function for risky data
  • Password protection of settings
  • Incl. all product updates

Virus protection for companies

Anti-virus protection for companies should fulfil two basic requirements: Top performance and a strong detection rate with low resource consumption. The award-winning scan engine in Securepoint Antivirus Pro delivers both.

A comprehensive central management portal is available for the operation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro in the company. The portal displays all devices on which Antivirus Pro is running, including their licence, update and infection status. It does not matter where individual clients are located, as communication is secured via the Securepoint Cloud. Administrators and IT service providers have an overview of all information across all clients with a single login.

The ideal antivirus for businesses

Securepoint provides each customer with a comprehensive central management portal for the operation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro in the company. The portal displays all installed client systems including their licence, update and infection status. It is irrelevant where the individual devices are located, as communication is secured via the Internet. Specialist dealers can also view all information across all customers with a single login.


Reliable and fast virus scanner for companies

Anti-virus protection is standard in every company today. There are two basic requirements. Performance and a strong detection rate. The award-winning scan engine integrated in Securepoint Antivirus Pro is fundamentally responsible for both. The IKARUS T3.scan.engine is one of the best in the world.

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Excellent Endpoint Protection

Securepoint Antivirus Pro is the winner in this category for the third time in a row. Users awarded the solution the highest marks by far in the areas of "Solution Rating" and "Company Rating".

Lesen Sie mehr zu IT-Sicherheit mit Antivirus Pro

DATEV VIWAS-Kunden wechseln zu Antivirus Pro

Nach dem Ende von DATEV VIWAS empfahl das Systemhaus triPlus seinen Kunden den Wechsel zu Securepoint Antivirus Pro. Mit einem zentralen Cloud-Management verwaltet das Systemhaus die Sicherheit seiner Kundensysteme.

IT-Sicherheit im Gesundheitssektor: Bitte einmal abschirmen

Das Securepoint-Partnerhaus SL.IS bietet Komplettlösungen für Gesundheitsdienstleister auf Basis der KBV-IT-Sicherheitsrichtlinie. Dabei kommt auch Antivirus Pro zum Einsatz.

Wortmann AG setzt auf Antivirus Pro von Securepoint

Die Wortmann AG erläutert die Vorteile der Antivirus-Lösung, die über 650 Clients und Server des deutschen Computerherstellers schützt.

The antivirus programme from Germany

We develop and programme Securepoint Antivirus Pro ourselves. As a German company, we stand for data protection and IT security without backdoors.

We cooperate with German hardware providers, are a member of the Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. (German Federal Association for IT Security) and bear the TeleTrust trust marks "IT Security made in Germany" and "IT Security made in EU".

FAQ for Antivirus

An antivirus programme works permanently in the background. It scans the files on the computer at regular intervals. It also monitors incoming e-mails for malicious attachments. If malware is found, the file infected with malware is isolated. This is also called quarantine. 

Depending on the functions of the virus protection, there is the option of sending the malware to the provider for further analysis. Securepoint Antivirus Pro offers this option.

Found and isolated malware is thoroughly eliminated by the antivirus programme, making recovery impossible.

Cybercrime is a lucrative business. Every year, the economy suffers millions in damages. The offences range from data theft to blackmail with locked computers to the failure of entire data centres. Many cases are caused by malware such as viruses, worms and Trojans. The AV-Test Institute registers 450,000 new malware programs every day ( So it can hit any company.

To protect oneself and one's company, a strategy of hardware and software solutions is needed to ensure IT security in the company. A good antivirus programme is essential for this. The software scans e-mails, files and programmes for virus signatures. If malware is detected, the malicious programme is isolated and removed.

There are also free versions of antivirus programmes. Some of these are already pre-installed on newly purchased computers. When it comes to searching for and finding malware, these versions often differ little or not at all from the paid version. 

The big difference is the lack of additional functions such as automatic scans. Sometimes there are advertisements within the software. It is worth comparing the free antivirus programmes in terms of performance, convenience and functions.

When buying antivirus programmes, look for reputable providers. Unsolicited offers and unknown providers can install malware instead of protecting against viruses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or ask our local partners for advice.

Nowadays, good virus protection programmes offer good all-round protection and regular updates. Further functions can be:

  • Monitoring of browser activities and e-mails for malware
  • Advanced, behaviour-based detection and removal of malware
  • Child protection filter
  • Support for problems and infections with malware

IT security at all levels

Firewalla are installed in a server cabinet


Securepoint's award-winning NextGen UTM firewall uses machine learning and the expertise of our team of analysts to provide the highest level of security against viruses, Trojans and other malware.

Large safe room with many lockers

Unified Backup

Securepoint Unified Backup stores your data quickly and reliably in the cloud. The data is encrypted to the highest standards even before it is transferred. Restoring data can be done in the shortest possible time.

Securepoint Mitarbeiter mit Smartphone

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives companies freedom of movement: smartphones and tablets used at work can be easily managed and secured centrally.

Project team discusses a product

Project team

Our local partners take care of your IT security solutions. For large-scale projects, our Securepoint project team supports you with expertise and a special eye.

Support-Mitarbeiterin von Securepoint im Telefonat mit einem Kunden.


Our 1st and 2nd level support supports our partners and thus your IT security at the end.

Two people shake hands.

Partner network

Our firewall hardware is available to companies through our local Securepoint partners. Our strong partner network stands for regional quality.