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Securepoint Mobile Security at a glance

Cloud firewall for Android and iOS

Clears mobile online data traffic via powerful Securepoint firewalls.


Works with all providers

Security from the Securepoint Cloud is compatible with all network operators.


Secure even in unprotected WLAN

Enables safe surfing in foreign and public networks.


Confidentiality thanks to always-on VPN

Encrypted connections prevent eavesdropping and data theft on the move.


Mobile security is real IT security on the move

Tablets and smartphones are protected at all times by a high-performance Securepoint firewall and reliably encrypted data traffic. The integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides additional protection through in-depth authorisation management. MDM and firewall "to go" - unbeatable in combination! Securepoint Mobile Security is the realisation of the unified security concept outside the company network.

Mobile Security features

  • Encrypted connections with cloud firewall
  • Antivirus for mobile phones and tablets
  • Content filter for more security
  • Mobile device management
  • Always-on VPN
  • For Android and iOS/iPadOS devices
  • Password protection of settings
  • Incl. all product updates

Mobile Security: More than mobile phone security

More and more smartphones, tablets and notebooks are being used as mobile workstations. If employees leave the secure company network with mobile devices, the worst-case scenario is that the company loses complete control over the devices without an always-on VPN.

Increases the security of smartphones, tablets and notebooks

We have developed Securepoint Mobile Security & Management to keep pace with the rapid mobilisation of the business world. As a German mobile protection and mobile device management provider, it is of course GDPR-compliant and guaranteed backdoor-free. Cloud-based device protection via the Securepoint NextGen Firewall and a comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) service give IT managers at SMEs back control over the mobile devices they use.

Mobile device management for schools

The digitalisation of teaching requires applications and devices to be easy to administer and manage, and for data protection and the protection of minors to be fully implemented. Securepoint's award-winning mobile device management has proven itself in everyday school life thanks to its extensive functions and intuitive usability.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM for schools, companies and authorities: Manage mobile devices conveniently via a central web interface and control apps, functions and user profiles.

Learn more about Securepoint Mobile Security

All the features and functions of Mobile Security at the click of a mouse - our video clearly summarises all the advantages.

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Virus protection for mobile phones and tablets: antivirus from the cloud

As soon as a mobile device leaves the secure corporate WLAN, all data traffic is encrypted (VPN) and redirected to highly available Securepoint NextGen cloud firewall clusters. This ensures that even in open and insecure WLANs, communication as well as surfing remains secure. Content filter rules ensure that only approved web applications can be executed on mobile devices. The integrated antivirus for Android and iOS/iPadOS devices additionally prevents access to dangerous websites, malicious code, etc. already in the data stream, regardless of the device.


The firewall for mobile phones: Antivirus for Android and iOS/iPadOS devices

Securepoint Mobile Security - Device Protection works cloud-based and thus offers real virus protection also for Android and iOS/iPadOS devices. All devices are protected by the Securepoint Cyber Defence Cloud. Here, data is constantly sent to our UTM firewall via the Threat Intelligence Feed, enabling device-independent protection of your data traffic.


Mobile phone and tablet virus protection offers companies security

More and more smartphones, tablets and notebooks are being used as mobile workstations. Normally, this overrides all protective mechanisms of a secured network (UTM firewall, network virus scanner, etc.) as well as company policies. If an employee with mobile devices leaves the company network, the company loses complete control over the devices in the worst case. To meet this rapid change in the business world towards mobilisation, we have developed Securepoint Mobile Security. To do this, we combine our Securepoint NextGen Firewall from the cloud with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

This combination gives IT managers of SMEs back extensive control over mobile devices in use.

Your MDM service champion

Securepoint Mobile Security & Management received top marks in several areas from the representative users surveyed in the competitive comparison. The solution was named the winner in the independent techconsult ranking.

Outpatient nursing relies on mobile security from Securepoint

REKA and the mobile care sector as a whole are facing a particular challenge: digitalisation.

An important prerequisite for the changeover was the fulfilment of the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). This had to be considered, particularly with regard to the processing and protection of extremely sensitive patient data.

FAQ für Mobile Security

Mobile security is a combination of various IT security products specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Securepoint Mobile Security combines protection through a fully functional cloud firewall, effective antivirus software, VPN and mobile device management. Thanks to the connection to Securepoint's Cyber Defence Cloud, these components hardly consume any device resources and save battery power.

Many companies have employees who work on the move. Whether visiting customers, on business trips or in the home office or for remote jobs, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are always in use. In many cases, however, the connection to the company and the internet is via public and inadequately secured (WLAN) networks.

Cyber criminals exploit these security gaps. They use spyware, malware, Trojan apps and other malware to access information and thus cause potentially expensive damage to data and the company's image. 

Securepoint Mobile Security offers companies reliable protection against cybercriminals.

  • Secure internet traffic also in public and free WLANs
  • Control over websites (+SSL) and services
  • Provider-independent
  • Zero Hour Protection - malware (incl. crypto Trojans), drive-by downloads, phishing 
  • Access points geo-redundant and guaranteed in Germany
  • Device-independent protection (TCP/IP)
  • Protects smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • True protection for iOS/iPadOS and Android devices
  • SME-optimised security solutions

According to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), lost data and data leaks can lead to high fines (up to 20 million euros or up to 4 % of the worldwide annual company turnover).

Securepoint Mobile Security reliably secures your mobile end devices. All data traffic is diverted exclusively in encrypted form to German data centres and monitored there by Securepoint NextGen cloud firewalls. The encryption also protects your data in public and free WLANs. The integrated mobile device management also helps to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the device management. Among other things, it is used to install apps and set up device settings. 

Mobile Security includes MDM and offers additional security functions. A VPN tunnel via our data centre encrypts communication, making it unusable for cyber criminals. A content filter also restricts access to malicious websites.

IT security at all levels

Firewalla are installed in a server cabinet


Securepoint's award-winning NextGen UTM firewall uses machine learning and the expertise of our team of analysts to provide the highest level of security against viruses, Trojans and other malware.

Large safe room with many lockers

Unified Backup

Securepoint Unified Backup stores your data quickly and reliably in the cloud. The data is encrypted to the highest standards even before it is transferred. Restoring data can be done in the shortest possible time.

Three women work in the office

E-mail archiving software

Secure emails tamper-proof and permanently with Unified Mail Archive from Securepoint. Thanks to the integrated search function, you can find emails and attachments quickly and intuitively.

Project team discusses a product

Project team

Our local partners take care of your IT security solutions. For large-scale projects, our Securepoint project team supports you with expertise and a special eye.

Support-Mitarbeiterin von Securepoint im Telefonat mit einem Kunden.


Our 1st and 2nd level support supports our partners and thus your IT security at the end.

Two people shake hands.

Partner network

Our firewall hardware is available to companies through our local Securepoint partners. Our strong partner network stands for regional quality.