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Digitisation of public administration services

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IT security for municipal institutions

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IT security for administrations with customer traffic

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Secure guest WLAN access in authorities and offices

Online Access Act (OZG)

With the Online Access Act, the federal, state and local governments are obliged to make their administrative services digitally accessible via administrative portals. Unnecessary visits to the authorities and thick mailings are to be avoided. However, digitalisation also brings with it dangers from the internet. IT security is therefore at the top of the agenda.


E-Government Act (EGovG)

The E-Government Act obliges administrations to create electronic access for citizens. This can simplify administrative acts. ELSTER for communication with tax offices is one example. Furthermore, the law regulates the provision of electronic official gazettes, proofs and payment options.


Securepoint is

one of the most successful providers of IT security. Our experts and partners know the requirements of today. They have the right solutions for municipalities and public administrations of all sizes and are always available to advise you.


We have the right IT security solutions for your applications:

  • Actively protect your IT network within your branch offices from viruses, spam and much more with a UTM firewall. We offer various devices for small to large numbers of users - also with WLAN.
  • Offer your customers a WLAN network that is separate from your IT network. Depending on the number of visitors, we offer different UTM firewalls. This way, everyone can work together digitally.
  • When working on the move, Securepoint Mobile Device Management secures your mobile devices. Through encrypted connections, antivirus and filters, your smartphone, tablet and your data are protected from cyber criminals.
  • We support you with DSGVO-compliant archiving of your emails. Tamper-proof and equipped with a search engine, you can find any email you thought was lost.
  • In addition to hardware and software, your employees are the last resort for IT security. We call this the 'human firewall'. With the training 'Awareness PLUS' you create a sustainable security culture.

From the field "Secure guest accesses"

The Office for Information Technology of the Cantonal Administration of Uri (Switzerland) has implemented a flexible solution for public WLAN as a project. Read how the project was implemented in our case study.



According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the federal government, the Länder and local authorities to offer their administrative services digitally via administrative portals. The digital services are to be active alongside the classic administrative services (e.g. paper documents) by the end of 2022.


"Digital sovereignty" stands for the possibilities and abilities of institutions to exercise their role securely in the digital world. It must be easy to collect, process and store data at any time. This also includes the protection of the IT infrastructure and (customer) data at the top.


Electronic government encompasses all measures that enable communication and action electronically between public administrations and citizens. This includes, for example, e-mails and digital documents. The measures are intended to simplify and accelerate administrative processes.


  • ID card with chip for electronic identification with authorities and business matters on the Internet.
  • ELSTER to submit electronic tax returns to tax offices.
  • (Application) documents can be uploaded digitally for verification.
  • uvm.

Project support

On request, we accompany your projects from planning to implementation - also on site. Draw on the expertise of our team for a wide range of industries and applications.


Our solutions for your municipal IT security

Three different UTM firewalls in one server cabinet

UTM Firewalls

The basis of network security

  • High-end content filter
  • Double virus filter
  • Anti-spam functions
Controller against computer virus is turned to Delete

Antivirus PRO

The antivirus for businesses

  • High-performance scan engine
  • Fast and unobtrusive
  • Central management
Man sitting in front of laptop with smartphone in hand

Securepoint Mobile Security

MDM and firewall to Go

  • Security for smartphone and tablet
  • Full mobile device management
  • Encrypted connections
Woman sitting with tablet on a desk in an office

Legally compliant e-mail archiving

With Unified Mail Archive

  • Intuitive search engine
  • Tamper-proof 
  • DSGVO and GoBD ready
View through an open safe door onto lockers

Reliable data backup

With Unified Backup

  • The last protection against ransomware
  • Reliable, fast, up-to-date
  • Server in Germany
Man and woman in an office in front of a computer


With Awareness PLUS

  • Makes employees a "human firewall
  • Regular IT security training
  • Measurable learning success

As a German IT manufacturer, Securepoint is at your side and supports you in implementing concrete measures to improve IT security.

We are at your disposal with a direct contact person, optimal service and excellent technical support. The TeleTrusT trust mark "IT Security made in Germany" guarantees that our self-developed solutions are free of technical backdoors and implement the highest legal data protection standards.

By using our solutions you ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability. As a partner and manufacturer, we support you with our comprehensive "Unified Security" concept.