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The email archive for your company

Protection against data loss

Secure, long-term and central storage of all emails. The Unified Mail Archive archives all e-mails for any length of time in accordance with legal requirements.


Legal Requirements

Signing of e-mails and documents with qualified time stamps and audit-proof e-mail archiving according to the highest standards (GoBD and BSI TR 03125).


Outlook plugin and import tool

Efficient work and convenient import of e-mail databases thanks to complete archiving from Outlook using our plugin.


document management

The intelligent DMS system takes care of the automatic processing of the data and makes it available to the users.


Mail archive with intuitive interface

Google-style search makes it easy to find information in archived emails and attachments.


Archive emails, optimize IT

Increase the performance of your mail server by outsourcing historical messages to the email archive.


The email archive for your company

Mail servers have now become organizational and archiving systems for us. The constant use of e-mail leads to information chaos, even with structured filing. Mail servers are reaching their limits and are therefore losing performance. License and storage costs are also increasing. In addition, the legislator decreed that email archiving should be in accordance with the law and GoBD (german for principles of proper accounting).


Simply archive emails

The Unified Mail Archive supports a large number of mail servers from Microsoft Exchange to Lotus Notes. When archiving Outlook e-mails, a plugin enables easy and convenient access to the archive. The full range of functions of the Unified Mail Archive can be found here.


Audit-proof email archiving according to GoBD

For these reasons, we have developed the Unified Mail Archive (UMA), which covers all requirements: relieving mail servers, simple document management of e-mails and legally compliant archiving. With the Unified Mail Archive, companies comply with both the storage and deletion obligations and bring legal requirements for email archiving into line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU DS-GVO). Further information on legally compliant email archiving can be found here.


"If companies are looking for absolutely reliable and audit-proof archiving, Securepoint Unified Mail Archive (UMA) is the first choice. It is one of the best solutions on the market because the strictest requirements are met here."

Thomas Joos (TecChannel)

Our unified mail archive NG (UMA NG)

  • Enormous increase in performance
  • High performance thanks to an improved 64-bit system
  • Completely newly developed long-term archive for a higher volume of e-mails
  • Any retention times
  • Legal hold
  • Simplified DMS user interface
  • Improved system monitoring
  • Dynamic disk support in VM space
  • Of course without backdoors and in compliance with the law

Unified Mail Archive as a service

Full performance, full service, full security: With UMA as a Service, audit-proof email archiving becomes even easier for you. From deployment to backup to updates, monitoring and support, our support team will take care of everything for you.


Get to know as a service offers

Email Archiving UMA product details


Email archiving UMA (Unified Mail Archive)

Available as software, virtual machine or preconfigured hardware (appliance)

Mail server support:

Microsoft Exchange®, Hosted Exchange mailboxes, Kerio®, MDaemon®, Lotus Notes®  etc. and many more mail servers


Brief overview of features:

  • Relieves the mail server and simplifies data backup
  • Fulfillment of the compliance requirements according to GoBD (replaces GDPdU and GoBS), HGB, AO, Basel II and BSI TR 03125
  • Powerful search engine for emails and documents
  • Sorting, categorizing and indexing of emails and documents
  • Automatic creation of e-mail archiving mailboxes during operation
  • Microsoft Outlook integration via plugin
  • Access from any email client via IMAP
  • Easy email recovery by users
  • Four-eyes principle can be set, taking into account the applicable data protection regulations
  • Automatic archiving of complete email data streams
  • Automatic, rule-based retention of emails according to legal archiving periods
  • Comprehensive indexing of all elements (incl. OCR)
  • Import/bulk import directly from mail server
  • Import from Microsoft Exchange® and Microsoft Outlook (PST files and Outlook accounts) 
  • User management via Active Directory, LDAP or using a local database
  • Integrated monitoring and reporting

VM Ready:

Microsoft Hyper-V®, VMware®


1 and 3 years bookable


UMA NG brochure (PDF)

Download (german)


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