when surfing

The high-end content filter with zero hour protection enforces access restrictions. The analysis of encrypted traffic (SSL) is done with just one click.

from attacks

With the Threat Intelligent Feed and other efficient attack detections, the UTM firewall protects enterprise networks against espionage, ransomware and cyber attacks.


Any number of locations can be networked via encrypted VPN connections. In this way, mobile workstations are integrated into the corporate network in a highly secure manner.


Communication channels such as e-mail are protected against viruses, phishing, spyware and malware through analysis, monitoring and cleansing.

Complete all-inclusive UTM-Firewalls

Sicheres NetzwerkNextGen UTM-Firewalls provide companies with secure Internet access. They are a perfect fit for the structure and protection of modern company networks. Efficient IT security applications (firewall, VPN-Gateway, two virus/malware scanners, high-end spam filter, real-time content filter for web and email, Zero-Hour-Protection, IDS, authentication etc.) ensure a secure network operation across the board. A UTM system, at one central point, protects the entire network.

The NextGen UTM-Firewalls are delivered as a complete solution. Additional licences are not required for individual UTM functions.



Type: Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewall
Brief overview of features:  
  • Embedded in the Securepoint Unified Security concept
  • EU DS-GVO ready: Guaranteed without backdoors
  • Full support of IPv6
  • Automatic bandwidth optimization
  • Real-time protection through Cyber Defence Cloud
  • Threat Intelligent Feed
  • Immediate and easy securing of encrypted connections (TLS)
  • Time lock for suspicious emails
  • Secure presets
  • Central administration (SOC) of all firewalls at customers or across locations (incl. cloud)
  • Alerting Center translates log information into easy-to-understand messages and actively informs via e-mail
  • Optimal for Managed Service Providers
  • Monitoring with SNMP: Full integration in MSP environments thanks to comprehensive interfaces
  • Integrated one-time password system for VPN, user interface and administration (multi-factor authentication - OTP)
  • Incl. mail connector for picking up e-mails from the provider
  • Easy to use, app-oriented admin interface
  • With only approx. 70 MB a very compact firewall image
  • Regular penetration tests


Complete range of functions

Hardware versions (appliances): Black Dwarf UTM, RC100, RC200, RC300, RC400 and RC1000
Virtual environments: VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V® and KVM
Dedicated hardware:  
VPN clients included:  

Single License Model

To keep the NextGen UTM firewall up to date regarding virus updates, spam filters, software updates, etc., an activated, paid license (subscription) for at least one year is required.

Subscription: Can subscribe for 1, 3 and 5 years