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With secure networks, home office, site connectivity and the protection of your data are easy to implement. UTM firewalls and VPN gateways from Securepoint secure your networks - with suitable IT security solutions for small and medium-sized businesses for rent, purchase or as a complete service.


Reliable ransomware protection

Your UTM firewall is automatically supplied with security updates in real time by Securepoint's Cyber Defence Cloud.


Only trusted data for your network

Strong encryption and identification methods reliably ensure secure connections both internally and externally.


Multiple protection

The use of a firewall protects you from liability claims and enables you to use Internet-based applications securely.


Excellent performance

The high-performance, future-proof hardware and our German-developed security software have won multiple awards for their performance.


Take IT security in your company into your own hands

As a small or medium-sized company, you can benefit from a UTM firewall as a security centre. By using the various protection functions, you can secure your company. Actively reduce the digital attack surface against a wide range of threats.

Whether the small 'Black Dwarf' for 10 users or the large 'RC1000R' for up to 1,000 users - it all depends on the needs and requirements of your company.

Awarded: VPN and E-Mail-Security

We say thank you: Our UTM firewall once again convinced the expert audience in the techconsult Professional User Rating 2022 in the VPN comparison and in the e-mail security category. Discover the test-winning firewall from Securepoint!


Whether buying or renting: We have your solution

Whether the small Black Dwarf for 10 or the RC1000R for up to 1,000 users - depending on your needs and requirements, we offer all UTM firewalls in various purchase models: for purchase, for flexible rental, as a managed service or virtually.


With the content filter of the firewall, dangerous websites or categories of content can be blocked for certain times and users. In this way, for example, the protection of minors can be ensured.

The UTM firewall thus blocks dangerous IP addresses and prioritises your data packets. For you, this means less malware on the network without you and your team noticing.

Through the proven geo-IP blocking, requests from certain regions of the world can already be intercepted at the firewall before they reach the network.

Our award-winning email security keeps your email inboxes clean with up to four powerful scan engines. In case of doubt, data is first placed in quarantine for a detailed check or is completely filtered directly.

Also, reduce your attack surface to a minimum with our cybersecurity trainings for your team.

With the Unified Security Console, administrators have new options for IT security management. With the tool, all managed firewalls can be monitored, organised and administered from a central cloud interface.

In our UTM firewalls, 12 cloud services are bundled for your protection. These services are bundled in Securepoint's "Cyber Defence Cloud".

With machine learning, swarm intelligence and the expertise of our data analysis team, we evaluate over 300,000 data events per second - that's more than 25 billion every day!

With your Infinity Licence including automatic licence renewal, you secure your level of protection in the long term. Licences can be adjusted as required via an online portal and all details on contract terms can be viewed. With your Infinity Licence including automatic licence renewal, you secure your level of protection in the long term. Via an online portal, licences can be adapted as required and all details on contract terms can be viewed.

With our UTM firewalls, people in small and large networks are reliably protected from viruses, Trojans and spam. Together we will find your suitable solution.

Secure site networking

With our VPN gateways in desktop format for up to 10 or 15 users, you can realise the secure networking of any number of locations and the provision of VPN dial-in access.


  • Secure VPN connections
  • VPN server (IPSec, SSL VPN)
  • Without additional licensing of VPN clients
  • WLAN module incl. antennas can be easily retrofitted
  • Can be expanded to a complete UTM system via licence key

FAQ rund um UTM-Firewall

UTM steht für Unified Threat Management (übersetzt: einheitliches Gefahrenmangement). Klassische Firewalls schützen durch Freigabe und Blockierung von IP-Adressen und Ports, die für die Kommunikation mit dem Internet benötigt werden. Das Level der IT-Sicherheit ist vergleichsweise gering. Moderne UTM-Firewalls nehmen dafür eine Vielzahl an Sicherheitsaufgaben war, um Ihre Netzwerksicherheit zu garantieren.

UTM-Firewalls kombinieren in der Regel mindestens die folgenden Funktionen:
•    Firewall
•    VPN-Gateway
•    Internet-Gateway
•    Spam-Protection
•    Virusschutz
•    Content-Filter
•    Endpoint-Protection und Surf-Protection
•    Authenifizierung
•    Intrusion Detection System
•    Reporting


Cyberkriminelle sind sehr aktiv und bauen ihre Aktivitäten aus. Für 2021 verzeichnete das Bundeskriminalamt einen Anstieg von über 12% gegenüber 20201. Die Aufklärungsquote liegt bei lediglich 30%. Gelingt ein Angriff, können Produktion und Betrieb ausfallen. Ein eventueller Imageschaden, weil Kundendaten gestohlen wurden, wirkt langfristig. Je nach Unternehmensstruktur spielt auch die persönliche Haftung der handelnden Personen eine Rolle. Der verursachte Schaden in Deutschland liegt bereits in Milliardenhöhe – Tendenz steigend.

Qualität und Menge von DDoS-Angriffen, Schadsoftware oder Social Engineering-Attacken nehmen zu. Einfache Firewalls oder Sicherheitsfunktionen von Betriebssystem oder Router bieten keinen ausreichenden Schutz. Das Herzstück der IT-Sicherheit im Unternehmen ist eine UTM-Firewall. 

1 Quelle: CyberCrime Bundeslagebericht 2021, Bundeskriminalamt, Stand: 09.05.2022,

Die kombinierbaren Möglichkeiten machen UTM-Firewalls zu Allroundern in der IT-Sicherheit. So wird die UTM-Firewall für KMU zum Herzstück der IT-Sicherheit. Sie überwachen und kontrollieren den Datenverkehr beim Surfen und Mailen, managen Rollen und Rechte im Netzwerk und ermöglichen die sichere Anbindung von Remote-Arbeitsplätzen oder Zweigstellen an das Firmen-Netzwerk. Das Management und Updates erfolgen dabei zentral.

UTM-Firewall brochure (PDF)

Download (German)


IT security at all levels

Antivirus knob is turned to Delete

Antivirus for business

Securepoint Antivirus Pro is an extremely lean and effective application that reliably protects endpoints from malware, making it a multiple champion in the "Endpoint Protection" category of the Professional User Rating.

Large safe room with many lockers

Unified Backup

Securepoint Unified Backup stores your data quickly and reliably in the cloud. The data is encrypted to the highest standards even before it is transferred. Restoring data can be done in the shortest possible time.

Three women work in the office

E-mail archiving software

Secure emails tamper-proof and permanently with Unified Mail Archive from Securepoint. Thanks to the integrated search function, you can find emails and attachments quickly and intuitively.