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Securepoint Unified Security Cert+ at a glance

Practical IT security standard

Easily assess IT security and receive clear recommendations for action.

Safety level directly readable

Display of the current level of protection in gold, silver or bronze.

Fits any IT infrastructure

Analysing the security level independently of the existing hardware and software.

Audit and documentation via app

Record and evaluate IT infrastructure easily via smartphone or tablet.

Better IT security with Cert+

All risks at a glance, all options at hand: Cert+ is the translation of the unified security concept into an audit tool and a catalogue of measures for the targeted improvement of the level of protection. It doesn't matter which hardware or software is used to solve certain tasks - security is vendor-neutral and so is Cert+. The results and success of the measures are easy to read from the intuitive evaluation system.

The IT security standard to hold onto

With clear recommendations, practical measures and measurable results, Securepoint Unified Security Cert+ improves basic IT security in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For IT professionals, Cert+ also opens up new supply opportunities.

Simply analysed and documented

The evaluation is carried out simply via a mobile phone app.


Clear statements, clear measures

IT security status with visualisation and scoring system explained in a comprehensible way.


Share with the community

Discuss, develop and improve the IT security standard Cert+.


The Cert+ Community

Under the patronage of Securepoint, Cert+ is further developed by the members of the community. The goal is a practical IT security standard especially for SMEs. The Cert+ Community is made up of three specialisations.

Mann sitzt nachdenkend am Computer

Cert+ Auditor

Checks the quality of the existing security architecture, uncovers gaps and documents the need for action.

Frau sitzt vorm Laptop.

Cert+ Engineer

Plans new security structures and translates the need for action into concrete measures.

Mitarbeiterin begrüßt einen Kunden

Cert+ Assessor

Prepares independent expert reports on existing IT security measures on behalf of companies or authorities.

The exam to become an auditor is a prerequisite for further involvement in the Cert+ Community. Each specialisation provides access to new training and other benefits.

Cert+ Brochure (PDF, German)



IT security at all levels

Antivirus knob is turned to Delete

Antivirus for business

Securepoint Antivirus Pro is an extremely lean and effective application that reliably protects endpoints from malware, making it a multiple champion in the "Endpoint Protection" category of the Professional User Rating.

Large safe room with many lockers

Unified Backup

Securepoint Unified Backup stores your data quickly and reliably in the cloud. The data is encrypted to the highest standards even before it is transferred. Restoring data can be done in the shortest possible time.

Three women work in the office

E-mail archiving software

Secure emails tamper-proof and permanently with Unified Mail Archive from Securepoint. Thanks to the integrated search function, you can find emails and attachments quickly and intuitively.