Securepoint UTM systems are certified for Intel® Modular Server

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ecurepoint has certified all Securepoint Unified Threat Management (UTM) software gateways for Intel® Server Products through the Intel® Enabled Solutions Acceleration Alliance (Intel ESAA).

Securepoint provides an additional Network Security deployment option for organizations that seek the benefits of high-end UTM security and cost savings of consolidated server and network resources. Customers have the chance to accomplish a business-in-a- box strategy with the multiple awarded network security solution of Securepoint in a very effective way.

As a member of the Intel ESAA program, Securepoint certifies and offers the UTM software appliance for the Intel® Modular Server product family.
The Securepoint UTM software appliance offers a wide range of safety features, like firewall, virus scanner, VPN, IDS, web-filter, spam-filter and much more. The entire network safety can be used very easy on the modular server in just one virtual machine.

“We are very happy to cooperate with Intel. Now we can offer additional capabilities for our UTM systems to our customers”, says Lutz Hausmann, CEO of Securepoint. “The certification offers the opportunity to our customers to use an awarded network security solution with the Intel Modular Server product family. It ?s a real effective and excellent synergy! We plan to expand our collaboration with Intel. Securepoint participation in the Intel ESAA program offers a certified, safe and approved solution, which offers a brilliant additional benefit for medium sized companies.”

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