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Securepoint solutions guarantee secure network and Internet access for guests, customers, suppliers and employees at any time. Through the use of mechanisms for authentication, monitoring and data filtering, Securepoint guarantees security for the network and for employees and ensures traceability of the connections. Securepoint solutions save a historic log of the connections (who did what and when) - an essential feature to ensure that the requirements of the legal regulations are fulfilled.

You have these requirements

Internet access packages and legal requirements are subject to rapid change, just like the requirements for your company:

  • The trend is heading towards free Internet access in restaurants and rooms, but fee-based access in conference rooms and in foyers
  • Legal obligations: Hotels across Europe are required to store communication data for between 6 and 24 months (Directive 24/2006/EC). You are responsible if guests and employees commit copyright infringements (downloading music data etc.) or other violations of law through their Internet usage. However, if you simply prove using Securepoint systems that you were not responsible for this, then you are exempt from liability.
  • Shared infrastructures for the implementation of communication services where WLAN and conventional networks complement each other and enable customers to dial in from various locations (conference room, reception, room)
  • Acquisition and retention of business customers, additional revenues generated by supplying additional services, combined with PMS software and password notification via text message
  • Simple or automatic Internet access provided to all customers without additional effort on the part of hotel management or technical support required
  • Configuration-free access without technical intervention in your employees’ or customers’ mobile phones or notebooks ensures that customer expectations are met
  • Compliance with the anti-terrorism legislation from 2006 and other legal requirements as well as logging communication data for verification: ”Who did what!"
  • Managing Wi-Fi or wire-connected access for free or subject to a charge, depending on selection
  • Web and additional services. telephony and TV / video as on-demand services are supported
  • Protection against annoying SPAM so as to not waste working time
  • Restrict employee access to the Internet and specify which web accesses or files from the Internet are permitted
  • Integrated protection against unauthorised access to sensitive data (such as online banking, passwords, hacking...)
  • Virus scanning of emails, file attachments (including packed) and all web accesses for viruses, trojans etc.
  • Protection against hackers and attacks on your network to keep your data secure at all times.
  • Automatic updates enable automated security updates in real-time.
  • Simple, secure networking of any number of locations for subsidiaries and branch offices.
  • Simple integration into your existing IT infrastructure and utilisation, such as e.g WLANs, LAN, active directory etc.
  • Central management for thousands of Securepoint products with warnings issued when failures occur; monitoring is integrated into your central IT backup concept.
  • Implementation in virtual environments and for clouds.
  • High availability, clustering, multipath routing, load balancing and QoS of Securepoint solutions are a given here.

Customer connection: simple and user-friendly

The Securepoint concept for creating user accounts and user authentication allows visitors to be included in the network without complications and without additional effort or technical expertise on the part of staff or users.
Setting up is easy and involves:
providing a password

  • defining access rights (Internet, printer)
  • defining connection conditions (e.g. fixed time per day, credit for a week etc.)
  • providing a ticket with all of the information required for dial-up
  • allowing customers to register themselves via the Internet and sending a password by text message to their mobile phones immediately
  • revoking customer rights automatically when they leave.

All of this can be carried out by individuals without any network expertise (e.g. restaurant manager, receptionist, administrative staff etc.).

Configuration-free access and excellent support for customers

Securepoint solutions enable guests, customers and employees to dial in using their own PCs, notebooks, mobile phones or iPads and thus benefit from the configuration-free access. Access is straightforward for the customer and does not require any technical support in hotels. The result is increased customer satisfaction without any additional costs.

Hotel/restaurant management decides on the business model

The Securepoint solutions enable the hotel/restaurant manager to decide whether access is to be free of charge or subject to a charge, depending on where the connection is established (reception, room, conference room, personal offices etc.).

  • free of charge access and authentication by text message in the reception area
  • free of charge access and authentication via password in the rooms
  • access payable via credit card/customer card and authentication via password in the conference rooms

Internet/telephone/TV/video (triple play) in the rooms

Securepoint solutions, with their market-leading technology, offer combined packages that enable hotels to provide free of charge or fee-based Internet access, telephony and TV/video as on-demand services on the basis of a shared IP network infrastructure.

Securepoint access and IT security solutions