Subsidiaries, branch offices and managed services

Simple and secure networking of any number of locations for subsidiaries and branch offices is crucial to many companies. Securepoint solutions offer you this at a very affordable price. Our solutions allow you to centrally manage and automatically support any number of Securepoint UTM and VPN products. This is especially important if you have to manage large UTM and VPN infrastructures.

You have these requirements

  • Simple, secure networking of any number of locations for subsidiaries and branch offices via VPN with Securepoint VPN and UTM solutions
  • Central management also for thousands of Securepoint products with warnings issued when failures occur; monitoring can be integrated into your central IT backup concept
  • Central remote administration of UTM and VPN-Gateways via SSH
  • Central monitoring of all UTM and VPN systems
  • Central automatic backup of all UTM and VPN systems
  • Central auditing features
  • Protection against annoying SPAM so as to not waste working time
  • Restrict employee access to the Internet and specify which web accesses or files from the Internet are permitted
  • Integrated protection against unauthorised access to sensitive data (such as online banking, passwords, hacking etc.)
  • Virus scanning of emails, file attachments (including packed) and all web accesses for viruses, trojans etc.
  • Content filtering of web access for viruses, trojans etc.
  • Protection against hackers and attacks on your network to keep your data secure at all times.
  • Implementation in virtual environments and for clouds.
  • High availability, clustering, multipath routing, load balancing and QoS of Securepoint solutions are also included.
  • Automatic updates enable automated security updates in real-time.
  • Simple integration into your existing IT infrastructure and utilisation, such as e.g WLANs, LAN, active directory etc.

Simple networking of all UTM and VPN-Gateways in the company

Secure IT security management for up to 65,535 VPN and UTM systems for companies, providers and systems houses that want to offer your customers managed services. With Securepoint systems, you have optimum IT security and access solutions at the ready. Specifically, companies that use a large number of VPN/UTM systems often have particular problems with IT security. Securepoint has the right solution for you here. You can use the Operation Center to take care of configuration and higher-level administration tasks such as monitoring and automatic backups. The Securepoint Operation Center is installed locally on a computer or on a server in the computer centre.

Managing all Securepoint UTM and VPN-Gateways

You can use the Securepoint Operation Center to manage up to 65,535 VPN and UTM systems securely and at a reasonable price, so that wide networks can also be managed securely. You are provided with a clear breakdown of all systems with the range of different filter functions.

Managing the UTM and VPN-Gateways

The Securepoint Operation Center gives you a simple option to manage any number of Securepoint and TERRA UTM and VPN-Gateways. Numerous sort and filter functions help administrators to keep track of very large UTM and VPN infrastructures, too.


Administrators can use monitoring to get a quick overview of the status and utilisation of all UTM and VPN systems. Different escalation levels give system administrators the information they require at that moment to deal quickly and purposefully with the critical situation at hand.

Automatic backup

The Securepoint Operation Center can address all UTM and VPN systems automatically and perform time-controlled, central backups of the systems. The backups are encrypted and saved in a database. Up to 10 backups can be stored centrally for each UTM or VPN system. You can adjust the backup period yourself. The backups can also be restored to UTM and VPN very easily via the system.


All activities within the Securepoint Operation Center are logged and can be verified. This ensures traceability and complete control at all times.

Client/server architecture

The Securepoint Operation Center can be configured as a local desktop application or as a client/server application. The Operation Center can be installed on a server from which monitoring and backups run automatically. Any number of SOC clients can access the central SOC data provider in order to manage the UTM and VPN systems remotely.

User administration

Securepoint Operation Center has its own user administration. You can make specific settings to define which administrators are authorised to access which UTM and VPN systems (read access only or write access also) and which users are permitted to manage the Securepoint Operation Center.

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