The German Youth Hostel Association counts on products from Securepoint

The highlights

  • Large UTM-Firewall at the central office and almost 50 small UTM devices for the youth hostels
  • Secure VPN connection for remote maintenance tasks, software deployments and data transfers in both directions
  • Complete roll-out incl. just-in-time delivery to the individual locations

The German Youth Hostel Association - Regional Association Nordmark - at their central office in Hamburg and in all youth hostels - has relied on Securepoint UTM solutions as their central security solution since January 2010. The solution from Collax that they used previously was replaced completely. The main objectives included:

  • simple central administration with a central policy management
  • secure and stable VPN connections between hostels and central office
  • extensive coverage of all relevant security requirements, such as secure routing, integrated anti-virus solution, content filter and email spam filter
  • implementation of the requirements taking into account economic aspects, too
  • Maintenance and care of complete UTM with location-independent mobile access solutions

Computex Wolfgang BertramAs a certified Securepoint partner, Computex EDV Systemhaus, with its owner Wolfgang Bertram, was available to advise and together with the IT head of the Youth Hostel Association in Nordmark, Mr. Peter Wortmann, was able to develop the concept.

This included implementing a larger UTM-Firewall at the central office and almost 50 smaller UTM devices for the youth hostels of the regional association. This meant that remote maintenance tasks, software deployments and of course data transfers in both directions could now be exchanged securely and smoothly between the central office and the youth hostels via secure VPN connections.

The availability of the solution was a specific requirement of Mr. Wortmann from the very start. To ensure this, some reserve devices were kept available in Hamburg from the outset, preconfigured for immediate implementation and ready for delivery to the relevant youth hostel on the same day if necessary.

The German Youth Hostel Association - Regional Association Nordmark required additional services from the company Computex:

Since the entire roll-out - that is, the configuration of almost 50 UTM-Firewalls including the configuration of the access data and the respective VPN connections - would have exceeded the time frame for the planned distribution in terms of staffing both on the part of Computex and the Regional Association Nordmark, the manufacturer Securepoint GmbH was able to bring its project experience to the table successfully and managed to take over the complete roll-out including the just-in-time delivery at the various locations in close cooperation with Mr. Wortmann.

This task was successfully completed within 4- 5 weeks.

Adjustments to the configurations were implemented quickly and without complications by the participating companies subsequent to the roll-out, meaning that smooth operation could be achieved in minimal time.

All devices were supplied with a three-year licence period in 2010. After three successful years, 2013 saw all licences extended for an additional three years, meaning that the German Youth Hostel Association - Regional Association Nordmark, represented by Peter Wortmann, can now look back on a successful collaboration with Securepoint and its security solutions, which has lasted over five years, and a successful business relationship with COMPUTEX stretching back over thirteen years.

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