Securepoint virtuell UTM-Gateways

The virtual Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewalls can run on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V® and Oracle VirtualBox. Dedicated hardware can also be used to run the IT security solution that provides protection to company networks, computer centres and cloud systems.

Virtual UTM-Gateways can be used in a variety of ways. E.g as an affordable high-availability solution or as a spare system together with other Securepoint UTM-Gateways. Thanks to outstanding scalability, virtual systems are a perfect match for the enterprise segment.

Secure cloud with Securepoint UTM-Gateways
If all or some of your IT infrastructure has moved to the cloud, then the virtual Securepoint UTM-Gateways are the logical choice. A virtual gateway within the cloud protects the data and services to be used there.

Other Securepoint UTM-Gateways (physically or virtually), e.g. at distributed locations, protect the networks that exist there and can also ensure an encrypted connection to the cloud. This setup allows the IT infrastructure to be relocated securely to the cloud.

Professional and secure site networking
The VPN-ready UTM-Gateways allow any number of locations to be linked securely and VPN dial-up accesses to be provided for secure access to the network. The free of charge accompanying Securepoint SSL-VPN client provides mobile employees with an encrypted VPN access. The extensive VPN connectivity via IPSEC, XAUTH, SSL-VPN, L2TP, PPTP and Clientless VPN ensures encryption for data traffic in the Internet.
The Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewalls protect company data reliably - today and tomorrow - against threats from the Internet thanks to constant development and updates.

Complete all-inclusive UTM-Gateways
Efficient IT security applications (firewall, VPN-Gateway, two virus/malware scanners, high-end spam filter, real-time content filter for web and email, Zero-Hour-Protection, IDS, authentication etc.) ensure a secure network operation across the board. Virtual UTM-Gateways protect modern networks with up to 2,500 PC systems/servers.

Virtual UTM-Gateways come as a complete solution. All functions are available and additional licences are not required.

Virtual UTM-Gateway/Cloud Buy

Virtual UTM-Gateways 25 up to 1.000 user (license dependent)

Black Dwarf UTM WiFi

  • Virtual environments: VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V® und KVM
  • LAN-Ports: up to 16 LAN ports, expandable with VLAN
  • Hardware: depending on the virtual environment
  • Licensing: Single License Modell
    25 bis 1.000 user (license dependent)
  • Subscription: 1 and 3 years