Free of charge

Create up to 5 free hosts - the service is free for non-Securepoint customers, too.


10 domains are currently available that you can use for your personal, individual hosts.


SPDNS supports the IPv6 protocol and can perform updates from corresponding addresses.

Update token

Update token is a password that only allows the host for which it was created to be updated.

"Registering with SPDNS is quick and anonymous to a large extent. All you need is a your own user name, an email address and a password. You can get started as soon as you receive confirmation via an email link. The address can be used immediately after the host has been created."

GIGA Marco Kratzenberg

Anyone from the outside who wants to access his or her computer or network at home or at work may have a problem. Routers are usually assigned a new IP address in the majority of forced disconnections. Unless you know this, you will no longer reach the computer or the network either.

The free Securepoint DynDNS service has since been used by thousands of customers with thousands of hosts. The dynamic DNS service serves anyone who runs their own server (FTP, streaming, cloud, web or other services) at home or at work or simply wants to use VPN connections without fixed IP addresses. Thanks to the dynamic DNS service, customers have the option of accessing their servers from anywhere through a defined host name, even in the case of IP addresses that change mainly due to the 24h forced disconnection with DSL connections.

The Securepoint DynDNS service is available on the website: for free and is also available to customers that do not use other Securepoint products.