Particular importance is attached to NextGen UTM-Firewalls in networks and in communication. They are responsible for safeguarding companies’ IT infrastructures against unauthorised attacks. They are the organisation’s first line of defence and are a fundamental communication system.

But what happens if they fail?

The company is cut off from the outside world and work practically comes to a standstill in most cases; that is, all Internet-based communication fails. The IP communication within the company may also be impeded if the network is still split by the firewall DMZ.

Increasing availability by redundancy

The Secure-by-Default philosophy makes it easy to implement high-availability firewall systems with Securepoint. If two systems are connected, then they are automatically configured for HA operation (high availability). Both systems constantly keep their data synchronous so that a switch to the slave system can be made automatically in just a matter of seconds if the master system fails.

High availability (HA) in summary

With Securepoint high availability (HA) you can:

  • achieve better reliability
  • obtain redundancy via backup systems because Securepoint systems are on "hot-standby"
  • upgrade your network at an affordable cost. Enquire about a high availability licence.


To ensure that your UTM-Gateway and your HA-Gateway are always up to date with respect to virus updates/spam filters/software updates etc., you require an activated licence. Here the HA gateway receives a special spare licence.