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Small box, big class:
Black Dwarf UTM-Firewall.

Always the right thing

The Black Dwarf firewall family enables best-in-class IT security for small businesses. Flexible offering models enable IT security for every budget.

All Black Dwarf models are available as a fully functional UTM firewall or as a VPN variant. Individual purchase or rental options as well as "as a service" offers provide the right conditions for every need.

100% Service

  • More security with less effort
  • Billing intervals in line with demand
  • Ideal for Managed Service Providers

100% Performance

  • Full firewall functionality
  • Connection to the Cyber Defence Cloud
  • Guaranteed working hardware*

100% Support

  • Free manufacturer support
  • On-site service included*
  • Comprehensive training material

NEW: On-site service included

An on-site service (VOS) is included with all UTM desktop firewalls purchased after 01.06.2022! This applies to both the "as a Service" and the purchase models with Infinity license. The replacement of defective devices takes place within one working day and without additional costs - compared to the regular bring-in service, the downtime is thus reduced by about 80 percent!

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Black Dwarf Pro G5

  • The powerful head of the Black Dwarf family convinces with efficiency and effectiveness.

    Firewall for up to 15 users
    Perfect protection for small businesses, law firms, agencies or practices.

    Low power consumption
    More power per watt thanks to the latest hardware and software.

    Suitable for server rack
    Thanks to active ventilation and optional rackmount kit.

    The completely new ventilation concept of the Black Dwarf Pro makes it the coolest in the server rack - because even rack mounting is no problem for the Pro thanks to the optional installation kit. The improved performance not only provides breathtaking processing speed, but also increases the number of possible users up to 15. The firewall throughput reaches 1.5 GBit/s, while the VPN throughput is 350 MBit/s. The firewall also features four Ethernet Gbit ports and WLAN. The UTM appliance also provides more performance per watt with improved energy efficiency for greater sustainability.

    Specifications Black Dwarf Pro G5 (Rev. 1) Max. 15 User

    • LAN-Ports: 4 x 1 GBit/s
    • WiFi/WLAN: 2,4 or 5 GHz, 802.11 n/ac
    • LTE/UMTS (optional): Main line or fallback
    • Connections: HDMI, 2 x USB 2.0
    • Hard disk: SSD
    • Form factor: Desktop (B 21 x H 4,4 x T 10,5 cm)
    • Power supply: Extern: 110-240V;
      50-60Hz; 1,2 A;
      optional second power supply;
      Power connection: 2 V;
      3,34 A; 40 W; screwed
    • Power consumption max.: ~46 Watt
    • Temperature ranges: 0°C - 40°C (operation)
      -20°C - 60°C (storage)
    • Humidity: 10 % ~ 80 %, non condensing
    • Firewall throughput: 1,5 GBit/s
    • VPN throughput*: 350 MBit/s
    • HTTP-Proxy with AV: 600 MBit/s
    • AES hardware acceleration.: yes (Intel)
    • Extension options:
    • LTE/UMTS: Main line or fallback
    • Rackmount kit for mounting in 19" rack, 1U
    • Premium rackmount kit for mounting in 19" rack, 1U; with LAN ports lead-out and bracket for power supply unit

    Inquire about purchase and rental options

Black Dwarf G5

  • The small Black Dwarf G5 is available in different license models. We recommend "Black Dwarf as a Service".

    The simple answer to a complex challenge
    In the "as a service" variant, ideal for self-employed small businesses with up to ten users.

    Full performance for a small price
    Full firewall with on-site service and reporting for a low monthly fee.

    IT security easier than ever
    Compact hardware and first-class support make your everyday life easier.

    Black Dwarf G5 is the most compact firewall in the series. Up to 10 users are protected by the power dwarf. This is ensured by high throughput rates and (in the UTM version) the versatile firewall software. The innovative hardware concept ensures minimal power consumption and makes Black Dwarf G5 pleasantly quiet. In the VPN version, Black Dwarf G5 is perfectly suited for site tapping.

    Specifications Black Dwarf G5 (Rev. 1) Max. 10 user

    • LAN-Ports: 2 x 1 GBit/s
    • WiFi/WLAN: 2,4 oder 5 GHz, 802.11 n/ac
    • Connections: HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0
    • Hard disk: MMC
    • Form factor: Desktop (B 11,5 x H 3,2 x T 11,5 cm)
    • Power supply: Simply
    • Power supply (intern): 110-240V; 50-60Hz
    • Power consumption: ~15 Watt
    • Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
    • Humidity: 10 % ~ 80 %
    • Firewall throughput: 900 MBit/s
    • VPN throughput: 300 MBit/s
    • HTTP-Proxy with AV: 80 MBit/s
    • AES Hardware acceleration: ja (Intel)

    Inquire about purchase and rental options

Black Dwarf G3

  • The classic Black Dwarf firewall is available for purchase or rent.

    Reliable hardware
    The 2020 revised hardware concept is convincing in daily use.

    Ideal for site connection
    Black Dwarf G3 as VPN gateway provides functional hardware without UTM license.

    Full firewall function
    n the UTM variant, Black Dwarf G3 secures up to ten users.

    Black Dwarf G3 Max. 10 user

    • Firewall throughput: 900 MBit/s
    • VPN throughput: 300 MBit/s
    • HTTP-Proxy with AV: 80 MBit/s
    • AES Hardware acceleration: ja (Intel)
    • LAN-Ports: 3 x 1 GBit/s
    • Connections: VGA, 1 x USB 3.0
    • WiFi/WLAN: 2,4 or 5 GHz, 802.11 n/ac
    • LTE/UMTS (optional): Internet or fallback
    • SIM-card slot: externally accessible
    • Hard disk: SSD 8GByte
    • Power connection: 12V; screwed
    • Power supply unit (extern): 110-240V; 50-60Hz; 1,5A
    • Power consumption: ~13 Watt
    • Loudness: 0 dB (fanless)
    • Form factor:Desktop (B 21 x H 3,5 x T 10,5 cm)
    • Adapter: Optional 19" rackmount kit and DIN rail mount (DIN rail adapter)
    • Warranty: Duration guarantee (incl. VAT+)
    • Software limitation: Only one virus scanner

    Inquire about purchase and rental options

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* = Applies to all UTM desktop firewalls as well as VPN gateways in the "as a service" variant.