Pull the rip cord and secure your company from ransomware and viruses immediately:With SECUREPOINT, you and your customers are protected from the fatal disaster of an unprotected IT failure.

NextGen UTM-Firewall V12. Simple. Fast. Secure.

ransomware protection

The UTM Firewall is automatically updated with the latest security patches by Securepoint’s Cyber Defence Cloud in real time.


Using a firewall protects you from liability claims and facilitates secure use of internetbased applications.

Only trustworthy data for your network

Encryption and identification ensure secure internal and external connections.


The high-performance, future-safe hardware and our security software, developed in Germany, have won multiple awards for performance.

NEW: Free on-site service included

A free on-site service (OSS) is included with all UTM desktop firewalls purchased after June 1st, 2022. This applies to both the "as a Service" and the purchase models with Infinity licence. Defective devices are replaced at no additional cost and within one working day - compared to the regular bring-in service, this reduces downtime by around 80 percent.

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Outstanding: VPN and E-Mail-Security

We'd like to say thank you: Our UTM firewall convinced the expert audience in the techconsult Professional User Rating 2022 in the VPN comparison and in the e-mail security category. Discover the award-winning firewall from Securepoint!

Network security you can enjoy

Secure your LAN and WLAN networks with a NextGen UTM Firewall from Securepoint - simple, fast, secure.


  • Central administration from the cloud
  • Wizard-driven commissioning
  • Free support from Germany
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Comprehensive training for partners
  • Individually customisable licensing models


  • Ultra-lean 64-bit architecture
  • High-performance hardware
  • Security updates in real time
  • Automatic bandwidth management
  • Fibre-optic connections (optional)
  • Advance replacement where required


  • Reliable ransomaware protection
  • VPN for secure connections
  • No hidden backdoors
  • In-house software development in Germany
  • Cloud services hosted in Germany
  • Data analysis by Securepoint experts

Security grows when attack targets are reduced. This is the concept that shapes Securepoint’s “Unified Security” concept, with measures from secure DNS all the way to antivirus building on one another to provide enhanced, multi-layer network security. At the heart of any secure network is always a UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewall.

The Content Filter enables you to block individual websites or content categories at specific times and for specific users. This enables you, for example, to ensure protection of minors or to restrict social media usage to certain times.

IP addresses wich could endanger your network are blocked and important data packets are prioritised. In practice, this means that any malware within the network is incapacitated, whilst sufficient bandwidth is available for video conferencing.

The Cyber Defence Cloud allows all connected firewalls to be updated and backed up in real time. Thanks to machine learning, swarm intelligence and the expertise of our analysis team, the CDC processes more than 300,000 events per second, for genuine zero hour protection.

Award-winning Email Security keeps your mail-boxes clean. Four independent, high-perfor-mance scan engines continuously monitor the threat potential of incoming data, preventing dangerous messages from even reaching you.

Up-to-date access and identification methods simplify role assignment in your WLAN. Single-use passwords, an integrated registration form (captive portal) and reliable encryption make usage simple and, thanks to the zero trust concept, secure for you and your guests.

Securepoint’s DynDNS service ensures that your firewall is reachable even with a variable IP address. The built-in option of generating LetsEncrypt certificates increases the protection on these connections.

All UTM Firewall configurations are auto-matically encrypted and backed up in the Cyber Defence Cloud.

Clear and straightforward user interfaces, in combination with online documentation and the competent Securepoint Support team, ensure rapid commissioning and uninterrupted use of your firewall.



Type: Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewall
Brief overview of features:  
  • Embedded in the Securepoint Unified Security concept
  • EU DS-GVO ready: Guaranteed without backdoors
  • Full support of IPv6
  • Automatic bandwidth optimization
  • Real-time protection through Cyber Defence Cloud
  • Threat Intelligent Feed
  • Immediate and easy securing of encrypted connections (TLS)
  • Time lock for suspicious emails
  • Secure presets
  • Central administration (SOC) of all firewalls at customers or across locations (incl. cloud)
  • Alerting Center translates log information into easy-to-understand messages and actively informs via e-mail
  • Optimal for Managed Service Providers
  • Monitoring with SNMP: Full integration in MSP environments thanks to comprehensive interfaces
  • Integrated one-time password system for VPN, user interface and administration (multi-factor authentication - OTP)
  • Incl. mail connector for picking up e-mails from the provider
  • Easy to use, app-oriented admin interface
  • With only approx. 70 MB a very compact firewall image
  • Regular penetration tests


Complete range of functions

Hardware versions (appliances): Black Dwarf UTM, RC100, RC200, RC300S, RC350R, RC400, RC400R and RC1000
Virtual environments: VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V® and KVM
Dedicated hardware:  
VPN clients included:  

Single License Model

To keep the NextGen UTM firewall up to date regarding virus updates, spam filters, software updates, etc., an activated, paid license (subscription) for at least one year is required.

Subscription: Can subscribe for 1 and 3 years





More information

IT security out of the box

The flat rate for IT security and service: With the new Black Dwarf service packages, IT service providers and their customers from small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy full protection and exclusive support.

  • No investment
  • No renegotiation
  • Always functioning hardware
  • Incl. additional services such as reporting

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