The Securepoint training courses give a basic introduction into security technology and Securepoint products. Your engineers and sales staff can attain sound expert knowledge through continuous further education with Securepoint.

Completion of training and education for partners

Kompetenzreihe: In 30 Tagen zum Managed Service-Anbieter


  • Webinar 1: Grundlagen der Managed Security Services
  • Webinar 2: Managed Services erfolgreich verkaufen
  • Webinar 3: Technische Standard zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung von Managed Security
  • Präsenztag: In unserem Firmensitz in Lüneburg mit Abendveranstaltung

Dauer: 3 Webinare a rund 4 Stunden und ein abschließenden Präsenztag in Lüneburg inkl. Abendveranstaltung/Übernachtung
Firmenstatus: Zertifizierung zum Securepoint Managed Security Partner Platin
Preis: ab 1.199,-€ zzgl. MwSt. pro Teilnehmer

In 30 Tagen zum Managed Service-Anbieter

Cyber Security Awareness für Entscheider und Anwender


Die Securepoint-Trainingskurse für "Cyber Security Awareness" ermöglichen eine grundlegende Sensibilisierung des Anwenders jenseits von Technik, um den Angreifern einen Zugriff zu erschweren. Wir erklären Anwendern, Entscheidern und Technikern, was getan werden kann, um aktiv einen Beitrag zu mehr IT-Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz zu leisten und Daten zu schützen.

Cyber Security Awareness Techniker

Securepoint UTM Basic Training (Silver Level)


  • Basics in first installation and operation of Securepoint UTM-Firewall
  • Basics in network technology and protocol suite TCP/IP
  • Addressing, routing and connections in the network

Duration: 3,5-hour online training incl. certificate
Price: €199 plus VAT per attendee

Securepoint UMA Basic Training

Securepoint UTM Certified Engineer (Gold Level)


Day 1

  • Preliminary considerations when using a Securepoint UTM-Firewall
  • Analysis of the current state
  • Creating a concept
  • First installation
  • Implementing security guidelines (port filter)
  • Backup/restore

Day 2

  • HTTP proxy
  • Best practice: VPN for mobile users

Day 3

  • Best practice: Site networking
  • Mail and spam

Duration: 3-day workshop with exam
Company status: Certification as a Securepoint Certified Partner – provided that you pass all of the individual exams
Price: €899 plus VAT per attendee

Securepoint UTM Certified Engineer

Securepoint UTM Advanced Certified Engineer (Platinum Level)


  • Internal and external communication
  • Administration via CLI
  • Customer scenarios
  • Error analysis
  • Automation
  • Secure networking
  • Evening event on the first day

Duration: 2-day workshop with online exam
Type of training: Teacher-centred teaching and hands-on training
Prerequisites: UTM Certified Engineer certificate
Company status: Certification as a Securepoint Premium Partner
Price: €1,490 plus VAT per attendee

Securepoint UTM Advanced Certified Engineer

Securepoint Mobile Security Zertifizierungsschulung (Gold Level)


  • Cloud-Firewall
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Cloudbasierte Verwaltungskonsole
  • Einbinden mobiler Geräte (iOS und Android)
  • VPN-Konfiguration für weitere Geräte (z. B. Notebook)
  • Datenschutz und EU DS-GVO

Dauer: Ca. 1,5-stündige Online Schulung inkl. Zertifikat
Preis: 199,-€ zzgl. MwSt. pro Teilnehmer

Securepoint Mobile Security Zertifizierungsschulung

Securepoint Antivirus Pro Zertifizierungsschulung (Gold Level)


  • Lizenzierung
  • Installation (Standard, Silent, angepasste MSI Datei, über Gruppenrichtlinien)
  • Bedienung der Oberfläche
  • Scan Ausnahmen
  • Cloud-Management
  • Logmeldungen

Dauer: Ca. 1,5-stündige Online Schulung inkl. Zertifikat
Preis: 199,-€ zzgl. MwSt. pro Teilnehmer

Securepoint Antivirus Pro Zertifizierungsschulung

Securepoint UMA Certified Engineer (Gold Level)


  • Basics in email archiving
  • UMA concept: General structure, overview of functions, implementation variants, access variants, archive structure
  • Terminal configuration
  • Planning and implementing a UMA project
  • Importing inventory data
  • Handling UMA incl. troubleshooting (for IT staff)
  • UMA from the user’s perspective

Duration: 3,5-hour online training incl. certificate
Price: €199 plus VAT per attendee

Securepoint UMA Certified Engineer

Securepoint Sales Expert


  • Securepoint products and sales
  • Security consulting
  • General information about network security in the company

Duration: 1-day workshop

Securepoint Sales Expert

Securepoint In-house Training

In-house training is always the way to go if you want to train several employees from one company at the same time. This compressed certification course at your location not only saves you travel and accommodation expenses, it also minimises your employees’ downtime.

We train, test and certify up to 6 of your employees within the space of two days. Here you have the opportunity to specify in advance certain areas that you would like the training to focus on.

Your contact person from our sales team would be happy to discuss possible dates with you.

Duration: 2-day in-house training for up to 6 people with an exam
Price: We would be glad to provide you with an individual quote

Securepoint In-house Training
Securepoint training certificates have a validity duration of 2 years.
Prices for training outside Germany may vary.

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