Intelligent Cloud Shield

IT security
for routers

Using your existing hardware, you access Securepoint's own security infrastructure and enjoy the protection of the Cyber Defence Cloud.

Proactive protection
for networks

Secure DNS – Intelligent Cloud Shield increases the level of protection of your network and all devices on it, including smartphones, IoT, printers, etc.

for more safety

Existing virus scanners or firewalls are also significantly enhanced by the Intelligent Cloud Shield.


Secure DNS is continuously improved as part of the Cyber Defence Cloud and optimized through AI technology.

Effective network protection with brains

Intelligent Cloud Shield To enjoy the benefits of Secure DNS – Intelligent Cloud Shield, there is no need to replace hardware or install software: With just a few simple steps, all the functions of the Intelligent Cloud Shield are available to you. All requests from the network are then continuously checked for potential threats by the Cyber Defence Cloud. This effectively prevents the delivery of dangerous and unwanted services and websites.

No effort, hardly any costs, full performance

Secure DNS – Intelligent Cloud Shield shields your network traffic from external threats such as phishing, malware, and spyware by ensuring that only safe addresses can be targeted. Real-time information from Securepoint's Cyber Defence Cloud is available to identify sources of danger. For you, this means: No time or cost for maintenance or updates and always full protection for all devices in your network, including cell phones, tablets, IoT, printers, etc.

Individualization of the protection level

An easy-to-understand user interface allows you to configure individual authorizations and limits. Critical content can be excluded by using predefined categories or the deposit of unique domains. Time slots can be defined for the use of entertainment services such as video streaming or social media. This gives you full control over what content reaches your network and when.

With Secure DNS you can easily protect yourself against the many dangers of the Internet - without additional hardware or software.

Cloud Shield


For many companies, the corona crisis means they have to switch to digital workflows and processes.

This is where Secure DNS shows all its strengths: fast, effective and cost-effective protection for home office environments.