The ID Control OTP Key (hardware token) is a small chip-based device that generates ever-changing one-time passwords via user keystroke to ensure secure logons when accessing the network, in VPNs, applications, servers, systems etc.

Securepoint ID Control OTP KeyThe ID Control OTP Key calculates a new password for each dial-in or logon that is accepted by the system only once and cannot therefore be used a second time. Every system user is provided with an ID Control OTP Key as a means of authentication; the one-time password is generated by this and appears on the display. The ID Control OTP Key is compatible with practically any type of system, from the web server to the VPN, and therefore fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

The ID Control Server Software communicates in the background; it checks the one-time password and sends the result of the check back to the VPN system, the server, the application etc.