HandyID is a program with a one-time password generator for PDAs, smartphones and mobile phones that generates a one-time password after PIN entry. The mobile phone thus becomes a mobile authentication token that is secure and enables two-factor authentication without additional costs for the token hardware. The HandyID application generates a six or eight-digit password that is calculated using a secure algorithm and is valid only once.

Installation on mobile or smartphone

Securepoint HandyID

To download and install the software on mobile phones, a mechanism based on the “Over-The-Air” standard (OTA) is available in the ID Control Server-Software. The over-the-air downloads allow you to download the HandyID files directly from the ID Control web server to the device. Many different mobile phones can be used for the “strong authentication”, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Google Android and Java-based devices.

HandyID is compatible with practically any type of system, from the web server to the VPN system, and therefore fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. The ID Control Server Software communicates in the background; it checks the one-time password and sends the result of the check back to the VPN system, the server, the application etc.