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Securepoint Mobile Device Management

Video: Vorstellung Securepoint Mobile Device Management

Wir geben Ihnen einen Einblick in die Leistungsfähigkeit von Securepoint Mobile Device Management und erklären warum es ab sofort kein Gerät mehr ohne solch ein Management geben darf.

Set up and
manage devices

Predefined profiles can be easily transferred to new mobile devices and thus reduce the administrative effort.


The MDM offers system houses and MSP an excellent price-performance ratio through user-based, cost-effective pricing.


The selection of apps available to the user can be limited and adapted to individual requirements thanks to authorization management.

Very easy

The cloud solution is ready to use immediately and can be activated in a few minutes. The enrollment process for individual devices is deliberately kept simple and intuitive.

Securepoint Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In order to meet the demand, Securepoint now offers an independent, cloud-based mobile device management as a cost-effective alternative. This allows mobile devices to be controlled very conveniently from a distance.

Via the web interface of Securepoint Mobile Device Management settings and restrictions can be summarized, defined and transferred to the devices. It is also possible to find, lock and delete e.g. lost devices. Apps can be easily installed, deleted or blocked.

Depending on the device type, you can set deep restrictions on device usage (e.g. camera, messenger, App Store, etc.)

The solution is available for both Android and iOS devices. Benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio through user-based, cost-effective pricing.


  • Google Android Enterprise incl. Work-Container
  • Apple DEP/VPP
  • Settings and restrictions as profile
  • App Audit/Installation
  • Mail and WLAN management
  • Remotely control mobile devices
  • Define device settings such as camera, passwords, drive encryption, etc.
  • Find, lock and delete lost devices
  • Central administration via the web interface
  • Completely hosted and maintained by Securepoint

Functions depending on operating system and manufacturer

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"Viele unserer Kunden sagen, dass das Portal für die große Menge an Funktionen und im Verhältnis zu anderen Anbietern sehr aufgeräumt und übersichtlich ist."

David Gundermann
David Gundermann
Head of Mobile Security