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safe surfing

Securepoint Mobile Security protects mobile devices including iOS devices while surfing. It removes malicious code, blocks dangerous sites and enforces corporate policies.

Mobile Device
Management (MDM)

The control of mobile devices is comfortable and easy to control via the integrated web interface. Apps can be easily installed, deleted or blocked.


The cloud solution is ready to go and activated in minutes. The enrollment process for individual devices is deliberately kept simple and intuitive.

connections only

When a mobile device leaves the secure corporate WLAN, it establishes an encrypted connection to georedundant cloud firewalls and is protected in insecure/open WLANs.

Securepoint Mobile Security: Safety to go

Sicher unterwegs More and more smartphones, tablets and notebooks are being used as mobile workstations. Normally, this leverages all the protection mechanisms of a secure network (UTM firewall, network virus scanner, etc.) and corporate policies. If an employee with mobile devices leaves the secure company network, the company loses complete control over the devices in the worst case.

We have developed Securepoint Mobile Security to meet this rapid change in the business world towards mobilization. To do this, we combine our Securepoint NextGen Firewall from the cloud with Mobile Device Management (MDM). This combination gives IT managers in SMEs comprehensive control over the mobile devices they use.


Securepoint-Lösung für Unternehmen – Mobiler Endgeräteschutz aus der Cloud

EU DS-GVO ready



Product: Securepoint Mobile Security
Suitable for: Cloud-Firewall and Mobile Device Management for mobile devices
Short overview:  
  • Securepoint NextGen Cloud-Firewall Cluster (VPN, port filter, content filter, virus protection)
  • Secure Internet traffic even in public and free WLANs
  • Control over websites (+SSL) and services (web security)
  • Provider independent
  • Zero Hour Protection – Malware (incl. cryptotrojan), Drive-by-Downloads, Phishing and Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Access points georedundant and guaranteed in Germany
  • SME-optimized security solution
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Remote control of mobile devices
  • Settings and restrictions as profile
  • Define device settings such as camera, passwords, drive encryption etc.
  • Finding, locking and deleting lost devices
  • Installing, deleting and blocking applications
  • Central administration via the web interface
  • Evaluation and reporting incl. pseudonymisation (EU DS-GVO compliant)
  • Real protection for iOS and Android devices
  • Extremely fast commissioning
  • Device independent protection (TCP/IP)
  • Protects smartphones, tablets and notebooks


  • All iOS devices with iOS >11 are supported.


  • All devices from Android 7.0 are supported, the "Securepoint Mobile Security" application from PlayStore is required.

VPN (für weitere mobile Endgeräte)





Cloud-Firewall and Web-Security

As soon as a mobile device leaves the secure corporate WLAN, all data traffic is encrypted (VPN) and redirected to high-availability Securepoint NextGen cloud firewall clusters. This ensures that communication and surfing remain secure even in open and insecure WLANs. The port filter rules implement the guidelines that apply to a company's mobile end devices. The integrated web security additionally prevents device-independent access to dangerous websites, malicious code etc. already in the data stream.
Securepoint Mobile Security thus also offers real security for Android and iOS devices.


Mobile Device Management

With cloud-based Mobile Device Management, mobile devices can be controlled very conveniently from a distance. Via the Securepoint Mobile Security web interface, settings and restrictions can be summarized, defined and transferred to the devices. Finding, locking and deleting lost devices, for example, is also possible.
Depending on the type of device, you can define far-reaching restrictions for device usage (e.g. camera, messenger, app store, etc.).


Evaluation and reports

Until now, it was only possible for companies to evaluate data traffic in their own network and thus see which categories of websites were accessed or blocked.
Securepoint Mobile Security does not only provide the possibility of evaluation, but also allows the administrator to navigate through the results in real time. Thanks to the integrated pseudonymisation, the user reference in this evaluation can be hidden in accordance with the EU DS-GVO.


Securepoint Mobile Security and data protection

Since 25 May 2018, lost data and data leaks under the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU DS-GVO) can result in substantial fines (up to 20 million euros or up to 4% of annual global company turnover).
Securepoint Mobile Security provides reliable security for your mobile devices. All data traffic is redirected to German data centers in encrypted form and monitored there by Securepoint NextGen cloud firewalls. The encryption also protects your data in public and free WLANs.
If a device is lost or stolen, you can find it via the web interface, lock it or delete it completely and thus prevent data misuse.




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"Small and medium-sized enterprises have so far been left alone by the security industry to protect mobile devices. Available solutions have been too complex, too expensive, costly to operate or have not provided adequate protection. With Securepoint Mobile Security, this changes fundamentally."

Eric Kaiser
Eric Kaiser Product Manager