time stamps

Emails are provided with a tamper-proof time stamp and thus can be archived in accordance with legal requirements.


The Securepoint email archive meets all of the legal requirements of audit-proof archiving.

Securepoint UMA uses qualified time stamps for long-term archiving that are automatically made available to each UMA on a daily basis from a German accredited trust centre. This is particularly significant because many other archiving solutions do not use them. If signed and unsigned emails and documents reach the UMA archive, using qualified time stamps in accordance with legal requirements ensures that the data that was available at a specific point in time has not been tampered with. These time stamps thus ensure that all emails and documents can be provided and archived automatically and with audit compliance.


If a qualified time stamp is also used for emails and documents that were originally unsigned, this does not mean that the rule of evidence of section 371a (Code of Civil Procedure) applies to this document. However, in the procedure of taking evidence (e.g. legal proceedings etc.) factual advantages emerge because the period in which changes could have been made can be narrowed down in a transparent and comprehensible way. This is especially important if a legal dispute occurs because you can then prove that your documents have not been tampered with. The qualified time stamp thus safeguards the proof of integrity for emails and documents.

Legal info on email archive

Email archiving requires legally unchanged and unchangeable storage over very long periods - six, ten, 30 years or even forever. The importance of email archiving thus stretches far beyond simply reducing the load on your mail server. The Securepoint Unified Mail Archive (UMA) offers an extremely affordable and efficient option for the permanent archiving of emails that your mail server receives and sends. Legally-compliant, audit-proof and automatic archiving takes place in accordance with GoBD (replaces GDPdU and GoBS), HGB, AO, Basel II and BSI TR 03125, the highest German standard. Safe and verifiable archiving is ensured by the automatic application of qualified time stamps to protect against email and document tampering.

Legal retention requirements and times

Writing emails is easy, fast and affordable. It is a more efficient way of sending, e.g. quotes, business letters, documents etc. than conventional mail. Almost 75% of traditional, written mailing activities have now been replaced by email. The legal retention requirements for emails and documents have therefore become particularly important. It is important to note the stipulated periods for retention and the other legal requirements for the law case.

Gesetzliche Afbewahrungszeiten

Legal basis for retention

Areas of applicationDocuments to be retainedLegal basis
  • Electronic invoices
  • Account books
  • Business letters
  • Inventory sheet
  • Opening balance sheet
  • Annual financial statement
  • Management report
  • Consolidated financial statement
  • Group management report
  • Procedural instructions
  • Organisational documents
  • Accounting records
§ 238 ff. HGB,
§ 140 AO,
§ 14b UStG
Staff cases
  • Termination, dissolution contract
  • Limited-term agreement
  • Time sheets
  • Wage and calculation statement
  • Employment record
  • Medical certificate, list of juveniles
  • Integration directory
  • Employment record
  • IOS-, EN-ISO standards, ASTM methods
  • Certificate of approval, inspection results
  • Elections act
  • Limited-term agreement
§ 623 BGB
§ 2 Abs. 1 Satz 3 NachwG
§ 16 Abs. 2 ArbZG
§ 165 Abs. 4 Satz 2 SGB VII
§ 22 Abs. 3 LadenSchlussG
§ 41 Abs. 1, 50 Abs. 2 JArbSchG
§ 80 SGB IX
§ 13 Abs. 4 Satz 1 und Satz 2 BiostoffVO
§ 7 der 3. BImSchV
§ 27 StrlSchVO
§ 19 WO
§ 14 Abs. 4 TzBfG
Medical documentation
  • Medical documentation: e.g. doctor’s letter, patient file, medical prescription
  • Records of X-ray treatment: e. g. X-ray records, radiographs
Professional code of federal state law for doctors, e. g.
§ 10 Abs. 3 BerufsO Ärzte Hessen
§ 28 Abs. 4 RöntgV
Bank documents
  • Complete business documentation: cf. HGB; e.g. risk manuals
  • Identification documents
  • Investment service documents: e.g. orders
§ 25a Abs. 5 KWG
§ 9 GWG
§ 34 WpHG
Administration files
  • Budget
  • Budget account
  • Files
  • Public-law contracts
  • Documents of public-law administrative activity
§ 33, 33a HGrG
§ 29 VwVfG
§ 57 VwVfG
§ 56 SGB X i.V.m
§ 3a Abs. 2 VwVfG
§ 110a SGB IV
Court records
  • Complete records of a case
  • Records of federal court and public prosecutor’s office: e.g. record register, list of names, card indexes (§ 1 Abs. 2 SchrAG)
§ 298a ZPO

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