UMA Email archiv

Protection from
loss of data

Secure, long-term and central storage of all emails. The Unified Mail Archive archives all emails for any length of time in accordance with legal requirements.


Signing emails and documents with qualified time stamps and legal email archiving according to the highest standards (GoBD and BSI TR 03125).

Outlook plugin
and import tool

Efficient operation and smooth import of email datasets thanks to complete Outlook integration via our plugin.


The intelligent DMS system ensures that the data is prepared automatically and makes it available to the users.


The Google-style search function allows you to search for information in emails and indexable attachments in a simple manner.


Improve the performance of your mail server by archiving older emails.

Store email data reliably

Sicher archivierenMail servers have become organisation and archiving systems for us in the meantime. Constant email usage results in Information chaos, even if storage is structured. Mail servers are stretched to their limits and performance suffers as a result. Licence and storage costs also rise. In addition, legislators specify that emails must be archived in a legally-compliant manner.

For these reasons, we have developed the Unified Mail Archive (UMA) which covers all requirements: Reducing load on mail servers, simple document management of emails and legally-compliant archiving. See for yourself and avail of the free test version right now.

Webinar: Plan and implement UMA projects

Securepoint UMA Projekte

Plan and implement UMA

We will tell you what to look out for with Securepoint UMA projects and show you how to plan and implement your projects successfully.


  • Enormous increase in performance
  • High performance through improved 64-bit system
  • Completely newly developed long-term archive for a higher volume of email
  • Any storage time
  • Legal hold
  • Simplified DMS user interface
  • Improved system monitoring
  • Support of dynamic disks in VM's
  • Naturally without backdoors and legally compliant
    GoBD konform



Type: Email archiving UMA (Unified Mail Archive)
Available as software, virtual machine or preconfigured hardware (appliance)
Email server support: Microsoft Exchange®, Hosted Exchange mailboxes, Tobit David®, Kerio®, MDaemon®, Lotus Notes® etc. and many more e-mail servers
Brief overview of features:  
  • Reduces load on mail servers and simplifies data storage
  • Meets the compliance requirements according to GoBD (replaces GDPdU and GoBS), HGB, AO, Basel II and BSI TR 03125
  • High-performance search machine for emails and documents
  • Sorts, categorises and indexes emails and documents
  • Automatically creates email archiving mailboxes during live operation
  • Microsoft Outlook integration via plugin
  • Access from every email client via IMAP
  • Simple email recovery by user
  • Adjustable two-man rule, taking into account the applicable data protection regulations
  • Automatic archiving of complete email data streams
  • Automatic rules-based storage of emails in accordance with legal archiving periods
  • Extensive indexing of all elements (incl. OCR)
  • Import/mass import directly from mail server
  • Microsoft Exchange® and Microsoft Outlook import (PST files and Outlook accounts)
  • User administration via active directory, LDAP or using local database
  • Integrated monitoring and reporting
VM-enabled: Microsoft Hyper-V®, VMware®
Subscription: Can subscribe for 1, 3 and 5 years


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Press review

"If companies are looking for an archiving solution that is totally reliable and audit-proof, then they should look no further than Securepoint Unified Mail Archive (UMA). It is one of the best solutions on the market because it complies with the strictest requirements."

TecChannel Thomas Joos