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"WORTMANN AG relies on Antivirus Pro from Securepoint"

With Antivirus Pro, Securepoint offers an endpoint antivirus solution that convinces with central cloud management. Because it focuses on pure virus protection, there is no unnecessary ballast of additional functions. With heuristic procedures and sandboxing, the antivirus software is characterized by a fast analysis and elimination of viruses. WORTMANN AG explains the advantages of the solution, which protects over 650 clients and servers of the German computer manufacturer.

What do the experienced network administrators at WORTMANN AG say about the fact that many companies will still be doing without virus protection in 2020?

You can't really imagine that such a thing still exists. Virus protection has been part of everyday life for a very long time and is absolutely necessary to avoid disruptions in operation. For more than 20 years, virus protection has been standard with us.

As a company, WORTMANN AG relies on Securepoint Antivirus Pro for protection against viruses and malware. What advantages does this have for the security of WORTMANN AG workstations and servers?

With Securepoint Antivirus we have a comprehensive protection that is necessary for every workplace. The integration of the software client is done easily and quickly. The protection is comprehensive and always up-to-date. The integration was possible with very little effort.

How does the antivirus suite for WORTMANN admins work in practice? What possibilities does the management portal of Antivirus Pro offer them?

In practice, the antivirus suite is very easy to use, is very effective and saves time. The management portal provides an overview of the entire environment. Internal and external clients can be managed easily. Configuration and monitoring are quick and easy.

How does WORTMANN AG rate the further development of the solution and the support by Securepoint?

From experience we know that with Securepoint we have a partner who can cover the requirements of the antivirus suite for upcoming security issues. This means that the security that is needed is available now and will be available in the future.

Unified Security Cert+

With intelligent defense, Antivirus Pro protects companies from complex threats. The software integrates seamlessly into the unique overall concept of Securepoint Unified Security. Based on the multiple award-winning IKARUS T3.scan.engine, Securepoint Antivirus Pro works quickly and effectively. Thanks to fast, regular updates, the detection rate of the software remains at a constantly high level.

Antivirus Pro focuses on pure virus protection and thus offers clear advantages over other security products. These often waste system resources due to a multitude of additional functions. The slim design of Antivirus Pro does not create any unnecessary ballast. This provides companies with new possibilities. At the same time the antivirus software presents itself with a stable running behaviour and a fast analysis and elimination of viruses.

The core of Securepoint Antivirus Pro is the central cloud management. Thus the solution offers a simple overview of all customers and their installed client systems. The management of licenses, versions, updates and the infection status of individual clients is thus significantly simplified.

The Alerting Center ensures that customers and resellers are informed about important events in real time. Further features of Securepoint Antivirus Pro include e-mail monitoring with anti-spam and a quarantine function for dangerous e-mails.

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