Archiving without effort - Introducing the Unified Mail Archive

The highlights

  • Legally compliant and audit-proof email archiving
  • ”Security check” performed
  • Mailboxes and retention periods for archiving defined
  • Archiving of all inbound and outbound emails incl. attachments

The Dresdner Sprengschule is an internationally recognised educational institute which has been in the industry for over five decades. Their activities focus on training and further education as well as engineering consultancy in the following areas: explosives technology, pyrotechnics, bomb disposal, transport of dangerous goods (GGVS/ADR), handling hazardous substances and construction technology.

LIke many other companies, the Dresdner Sprengschule saw an increase in email traffic in relation to business-relevant processes as Internet usage began to rise. In April 2013, the managing director of the company from Dresden decided to use and implement the legally compliant and audit-proof email archiving solution - the Unified Mail Archive from Securepoint. Prior to this decision, an intensive and individual consultation took place with our retail partner Brigg IT. In the demo environment from Brigg IT (official demo centre) the email archiving solution and its functionality were presented and explained in great detail. Specific requirements pertaining to the subsequent configuration of the UMA were yielded after a “security check” was performed.

Brigg IT employees implemented the Unified Mail Archive into the existing IT structure on the basis of Microsoft Exchange. It was configured according to the customer’s requirements; defining the mailboxes and retention periods of emails and documents for archiving played a role here. Archiving does not just cover emails from all mailboxes, but also all email attachments from inbound and outbound mail traffic.

To conclude the project implementation, employees from the Dresdner Sprengschule with the required access authorisation were instructed by Brigg IT on how to use the access options available (Outlook client, web portal) for the UMA.


Having used the UMA from Securepoint for several months, the Dresdner Sprengschule was able to give an initial assessment:
We were able to introduce the UMA quickly and with minimum fuss because it could be integrated into the existing IT landscape without any problems. Since the Dresdner Sprengschule archives all inbound and outbound mail data and attached documents, this data is also protected against loss or manipulation and deletion. The probative value retention of the documents is also safeguarded due to the qualified time stamps.

If an email is deleted by mistake in the Outlook client of a user, it can be recovered quickly from the archive without any difficulty. Emails and documents can be found very quickly using the search function that is integrated into the archive and the intuitive operation.

A big advantage of the email archive is its ability to archive all emails fully automatically, without interruption and without employee interaction, alongside daily business. The fact that the archived data is bundled centrally in a compact device and can be stored in the individual offices is also seen as a big plus by the managing director of the Dresdner Sprengschule.