Securepoint Unified Security Cert+ - IT security standard for SMEs

"As a system house we are one step ahead with Unified Security Cert+"

IT security is defined by Unified Security Cert+ based on an independent, certified standard. Cert+ offers system houses and managed service providers a good entry point for addressing new and existing customers. Ralf Spindler, IT forensic scientist and managing director of simsystem system house shows why Cert+ offers a clear basis for action and consulting and what this means for the trust of its customers.

Many small and medium-sized companies ask themselves how they can implement IT security simply and efficiently. How does simsystem support with Unified Security Cert+?

Our customers are e.g. medical practices and companies from the medical and care sector. They know that the trust of their customers and patients depends on functioning IT. We have therefore specially adapted Cert+ to the requirements of the care and medical sector and implement IT security according to the needs of our customers.

How do you manage to react as quickly and sustainably as possible to changing circumstances and challenges and find solutions with Cert+?

As a system house certified according to Cert+, we can do just that thanks to the clearly defined catalogue of measures - react flexibly and with clear recommendations to sudden changes. During the Corona crisis, our customers had completely new requirements. With Cert+, there was quickly an expanded and adapted basis for action for this case as well.

In your experience, what are the benefits for companies using Unified Security Cert+? What effect does this have on the protection of companies from the point of view of a system house?

For our customers Cert+ means reliable IT security. The advantage is that IT security is finally implemented and not further postponed. This is ensured by the ease of use of Cert+, the defined measures and that our customers really understand their own IT security level. This helps us as a system house enormously in everyday life and offers great sales arguments.

Why should system houses in particular continue to rely on the measures of Cert+ in the future?

Besides reliable IT security, Cert+ also stands for innovation. On the one hand, we are looking forward to the next update of the catalogue of measures. And we also have high hopes for the new Cert+ committee that is being established. This means that all certified partners will be involved in the development of the standard. With Cert+, this flexibility will allow us to react to any future situation and IT security will remain.

Unified Security Cert+

In order to achieve an adequate level of IT security, the implementation of complex measures is mandatory. Existing uniform systems are currently lacking, are too complex and simply not affordable for small and medium-sized companies. With the IT security standard "Unified Security Cert+" Securepoint, as one of the leading German manufacturers for IT security, closes this gap. Cert+ is designed to be product and manufacturer neutral.
Cert+ relies on a standardized catalogue of measures that can be easily applied to your customers' existing IT systems. The effort for analysis and consulting is reduced to a minimum. The Cert+ standard defines for each company all measures that are necessary to implement IT security correctly. The goal of Cert+ is to achieve a good level of IT security for SMEs - because in small and medium-sized companies there is often no consistently secure IT available.

This is where you come in with your system house and IT services. By using Cert+ you give customers orientation and make it clear how IT security is optimally implemented. Cert+ offers your system house and your managed service offering the perfect entry point when addressing new and existing customers.
With Cert+ every company can implement IT security. The standard minimizes the organizational hurdles and reduces costs that often stand in the way of implementing IT security.
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Expert (ADSV) IT security according to Cert+

The auditability of Unified Security Cert+ allows the additional training "Expert (ADSV) IT Security according to Cert+" to provide expert opinions on the status of IT security. Your system house can thus benefit even more from a good reputation and branding.
This high-quality additional training takes place in close cooperation with the "Allgemeine Deutscher Sachverständigen Verband (ADSV)". Despite the high quality, the title "Expert (ADSV) IT Security according to Cert+" is comparatively inexpensive.

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