Security has priority - Introducing a UTM-Firewall

The highlights

  • Safeguarding the Internet data traffic for approx. 150 employees
  • Effective content filtering
  • Virus protection at network level
  • Embedding the solution into existing corporate structures
  • Minimised administrative effort

Rose Systemtechnik mbH is a medium-sized manufacturer of high-quality industrial enclosures based in Porta Westfalica! The company has a global presence under the umbrella of Phoenix Mecano AG. Approx. 500 people are employed at the headquarters of Rose Systemtechnik GmbH in Porta Westfalica, approx. 150 of whom work in the areas of “Administration”, “Sales”, “IT”, “Development” and “Design”. Using the Internet as a source of information is absolutely vital for these employees nowadays. A large portion of business capital is in the form of “electronic” data in modern companies. As a result, protecting this data is one of today’s top priorities. Negligence can sometimes have serious consequences here!

Internet security has of course been a topic of concern for the IT department at Rose Systemtechnik for a long time. To safeguard the Internet data traffic, isolated solutions that evolved historically were used in the area of proxy servers and content filtering in the past. The employees in the IT department learned very quickly that the individual elements of the solution must work closely together like a well-oiled machine. It became apparent that having to fine-tune two different systems to each other to manage the major topic of security would in reality take considerable administrative effort and eat up valuable time. This would restrict not only productivity in the IT department unnecessarily, but for all other users, too!

One of the most important maxims of modern German companies, competing on a global scale, is the topic of efficiency. This also applies to the IT department in particular, which is seen as the backbone of every company. The search for a solution that would combine the various security aspects into one easy-to-operate solution was thus initiated. The systems house "Computercentrum Lübbecke GmbH" recommended Securepoint from Lüneburg during the search for a suitable solution. The computer centre had already implemented successful security projects with products from the Securepoint range in the past. The UTM solution from Securepoint is the perfect fit for the range of requirements. A solution supported across existing contacts was very much in line with the concept that Rose Systemtechnik GmbH had in mind!

The computer centre organised a demo environment together with Securepoint. The UTM system was then put through its paces by IT. In addition to the technical elements, the feel and usability of the solution were deemed very good. The swift, German-speaking and competent support, which was high up in the list of priorities, was also convincing. The solution could be integrated into live operation after the decision had been made. The integration of the appliance into existing corporate structures ran smoothly and support was able to clear up any open queries very quickly.

"Securepoint UTM allowed us to implement a solution that connected the individual elements of IT security like cogs in a machine, just as requested. The IT department receives a comprehensive tool with the UTM solution to manage corporate data streams effectively, all under the integrated topic of “security”. This successfully increases our employees’ productivity. In addition, a solution Security made in Germany gives us an extra degree of trust, which tells us, in view of the current massive international data protection scandals, that we have made the right choice.”
Fritz Günther Dühring - EDP management

IT security solution and retail partner