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Case Study with the Verein zur Förderung der Berufsbildung
e. V. Ludwigsburg

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Case Study

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The Verein zur Förderung der Berufsbildung e. V. Ludwigsburg, or VFB for short, is an educational institution for vocational education and training in the Stuttgart region and neighbouring districts, supported by member companies. For 40 years, the VFB has seen itself as a service provider for companies and their employees in this catchment area. The VFB employs 28 people at several locations.

Initial situation

At the beginning of 2014, the VFB was dissatisfied with its IT environment. The reason for this was a former IT supervisor who had not always managed the educational institution's firewalls reliably and had implemented desired functions only with delay. This made it impossible to establish a reliable connection between the three VFB locations including all services in the long term.

With Logotec Computertechnologie GmbH from Renchen a new service provider was found in spring 2014. In the course of the cooperation a new IT security solution was to be set up. The individual requirements of the VFB had to be taken into account during the planning: The reliable functioning of the telephone to the external locations via a VPN tunnel as well as the connection of the complete site locking systems in cooperation with ISGUS GmbH (German manufacturer of system solutions for time recording, access control etc.) had to be guaranteed.

Solution to a problem

For a solution approach, Logotec has set out to find virtual firewalls or appliances that meet today's security standards and can also meet future requirements. The focus was primarily on simple administration and high reliability of the firewall solution for the end customer. The decision was ultimately made in favor of the German manufacturer Securepoint. The new solution was implemented between May and August 2019.

Andreas Knödler, commercial management/marketing/IT/FM at the Verein zur Förderung der Berufsbildung summarizes:

„What counts for us is that we use a German manufacturer and that there is a German hotline available. With Securepoint, we have found a one-stop solution that both we and our certified IT partner Logotec are satisfied with. Since the conversion to Securepoint, we have an optimal administration effort in contrast to the old system. Existing systems could be easily integrated by Logotec. With the EU DS-GVO and the order data processing we are on the safe side with the new solution".

Andreas Knödler Andreas Knödler, commercial management/marketing/IT/FM at VFB.

The NextGen UTM firewalls used for the site connection are an RC400 at the VFB headquarters in Ludwigsburg, an RC300 in Böblingen and an RC100 and Black Dwarf in Ludwigsburg. VFB has a total of 150 user licenses.
The Securepoint NextGen UTM firewalls offer IT system houses a uniform surface for device administration and management. The Securepoint solution also convinces with scalable, retrofittable hardware and reliable interfaces for the main locations. The big plus for partners of the manufacturer is the free support. 
This was also confirmed by Andreas Schwendemann from Logotec:

„With Securepoint we have a partner at our side who offers competent German support and reliable hardware. We always get support, even when it comes to license questions, which have to be individually tailored to a new customer. This is the only way to successfully implement such projects as for the VFB with satisfied customers. We are happy to continue on this path with Securepoint and its products".

Andreas Schwendemann Andreas Schwendemann, Logotec Computertechnologie GmbH.

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