Mobile it-security for nursing care

Protection of sensitive patient data on mobile devices with Securepoint Mobile Security

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REKA Ambulante Krankenpflege GmbH ( is an outpatient nursing service with 45 employees from Diekholzen in the district of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony. The enterprise exists for 25 years and is aligned to the ranges old and nursing for the sick, treatment care, care and relief achievements, prevention care, Palliativpflege, household assistance, Hausnotruf as well as consultation.

REKA and the care sector as a whole are faced with a particular challenge: digitisation. The introduction of digital patient files and digital instead of analogue work documentation are decisive steps in this direction. The starting position for REKA: In future, employees are to document their work using a software solution on tablets and smartphones. For this technical conversion, the outpatient nursing service was advised by the full-service agency and IT service provider LNIT.Media.IT.Web.

An important prerequisite for the conversion for REKA was compliance with the requirements of the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU DS-GVO). This was particularly important with regard to the processing and protection of extremely sensitive patient data.

LNIT procured a total of 52 iPads and Android smartphones as a solution in July 2019, which were given central administration and management with Securepoint Mobile Security.

REKA can thus specify its own IT rules for the devices used. This protection of the mobile devices as well as the secure file transfer via an encrypted VPN connection into the cloud cluster of the Securepoint NextGen UTM firewalls ensures compliance with the EU DS-GVO.

In addition, REKA's employees were comprehensively trained in the use of the new devices. With the 52 licenses for Mobile Security, REKA now has a uniform IT security solution.

With Securepoint Mobile Security, the individual requirements for the technical solution can be implemented, including remote administration or central management of all devices used including central app administration, easy handling for users and the option of remote deletion.

„The smartphones and tablets are secured for the customer and we as a system house were able to install the devices with little effort and now administer them easily. We - and therefore also REKA Ambulante Krankenpflege GmbH - profit from the Securepoint server structure, the high reliability and the good manufacturer support.“

Lars Neumann, LNIT Media.IT.Web.

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