Plachetka & Partner counts on Securepoint email archiving

The highlights

  • Complete safeguarding of email traffic
  • Archiving of all inbound and outbound emails incl. attachments
  • Legally compliant and audit-proof email archiving

The law office Plachetka & Partner Steuerberatungs GmbH in Mödling is one of the largest mid-sized tax consultant offices in Lower Austria. It has been in business for several decades without integrating into the so-called “Big 5”.

Due to its size, in particular the volume and the ever-increasing use of electronic communication media, after a spectacular server problem it became apparent that sole dependence on so-called security media, in use for the entire EDP landscape in the office when the problem arose (with respect to both software and hardware), is not secure or is not secure enough.

It therefore also became necessary for them to implement their own type of email traffic security to ensure a totally secure and smooth electronic exchange of information. This was for backup reasons of a legal nature. This is because there cannot be any gaps - not even for a few seconds or minutes - in the backup of data traffic.

The targets for a new data backup system were therefore clearly defined:

  1. Access at any time to emails both sent and received
  2. Legal backup through documentation written or received
  3. Simple collection of information
  4. Medium and long-term backup of files irrespective of operating system developments
  5. Server-independent data backup
  6. Extendable backup systems
  7. Price-performance ratio of backup system


Thanks to the experience and knowledge of Widermann GmbH, they were able to find a system that could be implemented easily into the EDP landscape and give security that would ensure that not a single email would be lost in the future. Simple operation of the media, low maintenance requirements and of course the legal backup were all crucial factors here.

Conclusion: At a time when data security and protection against external attacks must take absolute priority, the decision to implement Securepoint UMA (Unified Mail Archive) for the data backup of electronic communication was without any doubt the correct one and the customer would have no hesitation in going down this route and choosing this system again.

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