Cost-neutral implementation of the Securepoint NAC at the Johannes-Brahms-Schule in Pinneberg

The highlights

  • Cost neutrality for school board
  • Complete network protection with UTM-Firewall
  • Internet usage via ticket system incl. logging
  • Simple import of user data

The high school in Pinneberg has been using the Securepoint NAC (Network Access Controller) along with two Securepoint Firewalls successfully at both locations since July 2012. What makes this installation special is the cost-neutral nature of the implementation for the school board.

The school decided that they needed and wanted to introduce Internet-ready devices from class 5. However, they also wanted to guarantee the required protection of their pupils and protection against potential liability claims brought by third parties from possible Internet misuse. The NAC ticket system and the corresponding logging convinced the school officials to have a demo of the devices. The Securepoint Firewall safeguards the school network securely against all of the usual threats.

What makes this installation special is its financing: The use of this security solution is financed by selling tickets for usage, which are bought by pupils and teachers for the very reasonable price of €4 per school year. The school itself does not have to pay the costs.

Special emphasis was placed the very simple operation. In this way, data for around 1300 users could be imported easily as a CSV file using an import function, printed overnight and distributed on the first school day.

The pupils and teachers can work without having to log on to the school PCs or their own devices and only have to enter their user data in the browser when using the Internet. The handling of all types of devices is self-explanatory here; the specialist teachers Mr. Goos and Mr. Frankenstein rarely have to intervene.

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