Flexible solution for secure guest accesses to the Internet

The highlights

  • Optimal usage of existing network resources
  • Low administrative effort
  • Decentralised administration
  • High flexibility

Kanton Uri

The Amt für Informatik (Office of Information Technology or AfI) supplies the IT services for all cantonal administrative units, the courts, the pension fund, the cantonal library, and for municipalities of Uri in some areas, too. The AfI therefore acts as a central point of contact of cantonal administration for all administrative and technical IT matters.

With the Securepoint Network-Access-Controller (NAC), the Amt für Informatik provides all offices and bodies of Canton Uri with secure guest access to the Internet. This guest access is activated for use exclusively via the existing wireless network. Only one separate WLAN network has been mapped on the wireless network and connected to the Internet via the NAC appliance and firewall. Overall control of access authorisation for guest users is managed on the NAC appliance. All guest user accesses are recorded in a log so that potential improper use can be traced back to the correct person.

The guest accounts are created locally in offices by the responsible secretary upon request. Any number of sponsors can be created on the Network Access Controller; in turn they have the necessary rights to create guest accounts. This decentralised management of guest accounts means that the administrative effort is kept to a minimum for all involved.

Today there exists two policies for guest accounts with different durations. The sponsors can only create guest accounts using the policy assigned to them.

The solution is very flexible and technically there are no restrictions. Strategic considerations, which have led to the configuration used today, are taken into account. Discussions are taking place about the introduction at a later stage of a public WLAN via a self-registration portal with SMS integration at defined locations. The NAC solution also has this functionality, which further emphasises the great flexibility of the Securepoint NAC solution.

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