Flashbacks, analyses, challenges, implementations - here you can find some case studies that we have carried out together with our retail partners.

Case Studies

Area Company/Organisation Products
Companies, offices and law offices hagel IT-Services GmbH Awareness PLUS
Companies, offices and law offices WORTMANN AG Antivirus Pro
Systemhaus-Partner simsystem systemhaus® GmbH Cert+
Education Verein zur Förderung der Berufsbildung e. V. Ludwigsburg UTM
Health care DIOS-Diakonie Osnabrück Stadt und Land gGmbH UTM
Health care REKA Ambulante Krankenpflege GmbH Mobile Security
Shipping and Offshore ITE GmbH UTM
Companies, offices and law offices Pastoralverbund Schmallenberg Eslohe UTM
Local/government authorities Amt für Informatik Kanton Uri NAC
Computer centre/ISP TERRA Cloud Rechenzentrum UTM, UMA
Companies, offices and law offices Plachetka & Partner Steuerberatungs GmbH UMA
Health care Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg NAC
Companies, offices and law offices JOYDIVISION international AG UTM
Tourism German Youth Hostel Association
Landesverband Nordmark e.V.
Companies, offices and law offices ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH UTM
Education Dresdner Sprengschule GmbH UMA
Education Johannes-Brahms Schule in Pinneberg NAC, UTM

Securepoint IT security and access solutions

Securepoint offers you a wide portfolio of IT access and network security solutions. Here you can find the right solution for your area:

  • Shipping and Offshore IT security solutions for Shipping and offshore

    Schifffahrt und Offshore
    • Simple, safe networking of any number of ships and fleets.
    • Easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure on board seagoing vessels.
    • Central risk management and monitoring of ship fleets of any size.
    • Air Time Provider independent - Connection to VSAT, FBB, IOP, UMTS or other onboard communication providers.
    • Secure connectivity through machine learning, swarm intelligence, data mining, and powerful protocols.
    • Secure surfing on board and protection against hackers and attacks on your IT ship network.
    • VPN-enabled UTM gateways, multipath routing, load balancing and captive portal with dynamic login pages.
  • Hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry Solutions for tourism

    Hotels, Restaurants und Gastgewerbe
    • Hospitality industry: Provides customers with secure Internet access in the foyer, conference area, restaurant etc.
    • Wireless (WLAN) or wire-connected (Ethernet, DSLAM, PLC) network infrastructure.
    • Flexible billing model/billing (e.g. free for clients, subject to a charge for walk-in customers).
    • Additional IP-based voice, pay-TV and video on-demand services.
    • Complete supply of all IT security services.

  • Local and government authorities Solutions for municipal buildings

    Local and government authorities
    • Public hot spots in municipal buildings, libraries, tourist offices, employment offices.
    • Secure access to the Internet/Intranet for mobile employees in local and state authorities.
    • Flexible billing model (e.g. free for clients, subject to a charge for walk-in customers).
    • Bug-proof networking and protection against all Internet threats in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Health care Solutions for doctors and practices

    Health care
    • Access to patient records and medicinal applications by medical staff anywhere in the hospital.
    • Internet and video as video on-demand services, free or fee-based for patients in their rooms.
    • Online billing via KV-SafeNet for doctors and practices with associations of national health doctors.
    • Secure doctor-to-doctor communication and data exchange (D2D) over the Internet.
    • Access to practice/clinic network when at home or on the road.

  • Education Solutions for schools, universities and libraries

    • Internet access for schools, teachers, administrative staff in class rooms, libraries, Internet cafés and laboratories.
    • Completely mobile, secure environment to enable teachers to give ICT-based lessons with laptop trolleys and wireless networks.
    • Sick leave and catering management in real-time.
    • Regulated access to the Internet via web content filters to protect pupils from pornography, racism and other threats.

  • Retail Solutions for department stores and Internet cafés

    • Improvements to processes via mobile sales and payment solutions for vendors give sales staff mobility and access to all business applications.
    • Offers customers added value, giving potential competitive advantage.
    • Protects customers and retail against all Internet threats.
    • Provides customers with secure Internet access in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Business Solutions for offices and law offices

    Companies, offices and law offices
    • Guarantees completely transparent access for employees, customers, suppliers, agents and mobile management to their applications (mobile offices, conference rooms, subsidiaries etc.).
    • Secure online access to the company via VPN to keep all company data secure.
    • Protection against annoying SPAM so as to not waste working time.
    • Restrict employee access to the Internet and specify which web accesses or files from the Internet are permitted.
    • Integrated protection against unauthorised access to sensitive data (e.g. online banking, passwords, hacking…).

  • Branch offices and managed services Solutions for secure site networking

    Filialen, Außenstellen und Managed Services
    • Simple, secure networking of any number of locations for subsidiaries and branch offices.
    • Simple integration into your existing IT infrastructure and utilisation, such as e.g WLANs, LAN, active directory etc.
    • Central management for thousands of Securepoint products with warnings issued when failures occur; monitoring is integrated into your central IT backup concept.
    • Implementation in virtual environments and for clouds.
    • Virus scanning of emails, file attachments (including packed) and all web accesses for viruses, trojans etc.
    • Protection against hackers and attacks on your network to keep your data secure at all times.
    • Automatic updates enable automated security updates in real-time.
    • High availability, clustering, multipath routing (connection to multiple DSL lines, dedictated lines to gateways and appliances), load balancing and QoS of Securepoint solutions are a given here.