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Antivirus Pro

Excellent Endpoint Protection

Securepoint confirmed as leader! Antivirus Pro is the winner in the "Endpoint Protection" category for the second time in a row. Users gave the solution top marks for almost all criteria.

One of the best
scanning engines

Antivirus Pro utilizes the IKARUS T3.scan.engine, making it one of the best drive engines in the world.

cloud management

Manage license, update and infection status, regardless of the location of the terminal in the user interface.

virus protection

Protects PCs and servers from viruses / malware through on-access scanners and scheduled on-demand scans.

Low system

The system architecture of Antivirus Pro is designed to work quickly and resource-conserving.

Securepoint Antivirus Pro: Comprehensive virus protection

Comprehensive virus protection With Antivirus Pro, Securepoint offers an endpoint antivirus solution that is convincing with a central cloud management. The free management portal shows all installed client systems including their license, update and infection status. IT service providers and retailers can acess all the information cross customer with a single login.

Thanks to award-winning IKARUS T3.scan.engine, the anti-virus suite is very high-performant, resource-conserving and has a strong detection rate. By consciously renouncing the use of unnecessary ballast the application is fast and stable while providing a high level of protection.

EU DS-GVO ready



Product: Securepoint Antivirus Pro
Suitable for: Anti-virus suite for PC and server systems
Short overview:  
  • Central Cloud Management (no installation)
  • Very high performance and resource-conserving
  • Award-winning IKARUS T3.scan.engine integrated
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Ready
  • Timely updates
  • Email monitoring including anti-spam
  • Scheduled scans / comprehensive scan profiles
  • Quarantine function
  • Password protection
  • Cost-effective and includes all product updates
System requirements:

Antivirus Pro supports all current operating systems supported by Microsoft in mainstream support. A listing and further system requirements can be found here: https://wiki.securepoint.de/index.php?title=AV/Systemvoraussetzungen&uselang=en


Before installing Securepoint Antivirus Pro, other anti-virus programs present on the PC must be uninstalled and a computer restart must be performed. After installing Securepoint Antivirus Pro, a quick system scan is recommended.



Centralized cloud management

Securepoint provides each customer with a comprehensive central management portal for the operation of Securepoint Antivirus Pro in the company. The portal shows all installed client systems, including their license, update and infection status. It is irrelevant at which location individual devices are located, since the communication runs securely over the Internet.
In addition, retailers can access all the information cross customer with a single login.
No additional license fees are charged for the management. Installation, update and maintenance are effortless.

Reliable and fast

Antivirus protection is now standard in every company. There are two basic requirements. Performance and a strong detection rate. The award-winning scan engine, which is integrated in the Securepoint Antivirus Pro, is fundamentally responsible for both. IKARUS T3.scan.engine is among the best in the world.
One of the most important obstacles, Securepoint Antivirus Pro mastered with bravura. The Scan Engine is one of the first to receive the "Windows 10 Ready" certificate.
Companies can be confident that they will not only gain a market-leading recognition rate, but also a fast and reliable operation.

Comprehensive and accurate

Securepoint Antivirus Pro can be installed with both an application and the same license on both Windows Desktop and Server operating systems. It protects PCs and servers from viruses and malware through on-access scanners and scheduled on-demand scans.
Together with the fast update cycles and the outstanding scan engine, Securepoint Antivirus Pro is a reliable protection for businesses.
By consciously renouncing the use of unnecessary ballast the application is fast and stable while providing a high level of protection. The administration is simple and clear.

Email and spam protection

Emails are checked additionally thus a further protection level is integrated. Securepoint Antivirus Pro not only monitors the data stream for viruses and malware, but also performs a comprehensive filtering of unwanted emails. This is high-quality data center-supported protection.
As many viruses are sent through spam sources, this is also an optimal protection against zero-day attacks.
System requirements for email and spam protection: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail.


Description of services:



The installation of the client can be performed both by the wizard and by the silentinstallation, with an Config-Builder available in the dashboard for both installations and thus the possibility of pre-configuring an MSI and for example to distribute it through a group policy to all clients on the network.



The client provides real-time protection for files and mail. If a threat is detected during the download of a file, access to the file is blocked. The multidimensional engine uses not only classical recognition methods, but also sandboxing and heuristics.



Our Securepoint Antivirus Pro is resource-conserving. In the development, special attention was paid to high performance.



With predefined scans, the system can be checked regularly, or you can create your own scan profiles. Securepoint Antivirus Pro does not scan network drives!



The quarantine keeps track of all detected threats and locks them. An interaction can be selected for each threat so that access to the file is granted at any time. Virus reports or PUA / PUP can be sent to the IKARUS Analysis Laboratory, where the file is checked and on request a confirmation is sent to a deposited mail address.



A regular check on updates ensures that the client is always up-to-date and has the latest virus and spam databases.


Scan Module

The individual scan modules:
– System monitoring
– Detect unwanted applications
– Mail Monitoring (Outlook)
– Anti-Spam (Outlook)
– Automatic updates

The functions can be switched on and off individually. The client predefines when the system is not configured completely secure.




A support log can be created for debugging purposes. The client also saves its own logs for various actions.



The client can be configured extensively and as desired. Besides many settings, the possibility to set the logging depth is one of the most important. In addition, settings for email protection and spam detection can be defined.



Version information:
The client can display the versions of each module, this information is also passed on to the dashboard.



Free reseller support is available for questions and problems.


Support infos

The support log is useful for problem analysis or debugging purposes. For this purpose, the protocol setting should be adapted in advance so that all information is contained.



The client can be uninstalled using the Windows Deployment tool, a dedicated license is removed and can be reused.




The dashboard is the central administration for all customers and clients using Securepoint Antivirus Pro. In addition to the current status, the client also displays possible infections and version information. You can also see how many licenses are still available and when these licenses expire.



The Config-Builder offers the possibility to create various different profiles. These are global and contain not only the license but also the created configuration.


Email notification profiles

The email notification ensures that an email is sent to the desired recipient for defined events. This recipient gets the information about which client is affected and which problem is present. A customer license can contain any number of notification profiles.


Reseller / customer view (license management)

All customer licenses can be displayed via customer administration. The devices that are assigned to the license are listed as well. The modules Config-Builder and email notifications can be configured or used here. A download log is also available to help you understand when something was downloaded.


Overview of equipment

If desired, a client can be removed from the license. There is also information about the computer name, IP, the status of the antivirus and the operating system with patch level. In addition, you will find a list of all infected files including the path and name of the virus.


Advice form


Virus protection for mobile phones and tablets

Don't give viruses and Trojans a chance! With Securepoint Mobile Device Protection you benefit from the comprehensive know-how of the experts for IT security: Protect iOS and Android devices on the road like in your company's own network - MDM service included.

Best manufacturer.
Best products.

"From the very beginning, when developing Securepoint Antivirus Pro, we had the goal of providing our customers and partners with a centralized console for the AV management of all PCs and server systems. Thanks to cloud technology this is possible from anywhere without any installation or maintenance."

Eric Kaiser
Eric Kaiser Product Manager