WGKD - Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der Kirchen

WGKD Verband

The “Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der Kirchen in Deutschland mbH” is an ecumenical purchasing platform in the form of a limited company (GmbH) whose partners include “der Verband der Diözesen Deutschlands”, “der Deutsche Caritasverband”, “die Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland”, “das Evangelische Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung” and “die Deutsche Ordensobernkonferenz”. The WGKD thus covers the entire ecclesiastical sector on both the Evangelical and Catholic side.

Who can benefit from the advantages of the framework contract?

Organisations from the church and charities such as Caritas and Diakonie can be part of the framework contract that Securepoint concluded with the WGKD. The framework contract was negotiated exclusively for the ecclesiastical sector. If you want to know how you can benefit from the advantages in the framework contract, register for the protected area on the WGKD website.

Detailed information about the framework contract: