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With the new UMA NG, we are taking email archiving to the next level for you. Thanks to the complete redevelopment and streamlining of the system, our email archive receives an enormous performance boost.

Invoices, contracts, offers, correspondence: The number of documents that arise daily in the company and need to be archived is large. For these reasons, you can now rely on our improved, legally compliant email archiving.


Newly developed long-term archive

  • Completely redeveloped long-term archive with focus on performance and storage utilization
  • Optimized for high mail volumes
  • All e-mails are in the long-term archive and can be checked accordingly
  • Archiving times freely definable
  • Fiscal year adjustable
  • Deletion process pausable for legal holds
  • Evidence report is generated as a PDF and signed by the archive
  • Revised and meaningful test report


Improved system

  • High performance due to improved 64-bit system
  • Improved system monitoring
  • Support for dynamic disks in VM space
  • Dynamic increase of the LTA storage (Crypto-Storage)
  • Extension of commands in the admin shell (console/SSH)
  • Revised logging for better analysis
  • New, resource-saving and efficient backend
  • New event viewer with detailed search options
  • Email notifications for important events


Simplified DMS user interface

  • Improved search
  • E-mails that are due for deletion or cannot be included in the long-term archive are now visible to the user in the DMS
  • New plugin with Outlook 2019 support
  • Optimized tour


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