Securepoint Unified Backup - data protection for the highest demands

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Back up data automatically online in the cloud - and protect yourself against malfunctions and data loss.

The servers of the cloud service are geo-redundantly located in German data centers. All backup content is encrypted (256-bit AES) before it is sent to the cloud. Espionage, blackmail or data manipulation on the way between local storage and backup are thus excluded. Your data is backed up up to four times a day - you determine the exact intervals. To avoid having to move huge amounts of data each time, incremental backups are performed, i.e. only the data that has been changed is backed up again.


  + Backup server in Germany  
  + Double secured  
  + Backup encryption  
  + Close-meshed backup intervals  
  + Top price-performance ratio  
  + Clear cost structure  
  + EU DS-GVO compliant





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