Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility is more than just a word

Every day, people in companies, schools or hospitals rely on the protection and support of IT security solutions made by Securepoint. It is our responsibility to live up to this trust through high-performance products and first-class service.

However, the responsibility of a company goes far beyond its products and services. We want to live a fair, open and appreciative relationship with our customers, partners, employees and service providers. We refrain from taking advantage at the expense of the environment and society. We constantly implement new measures and goals in order to fulfil our corporate responsibility as part of society.

1. Employees


The investments we make in our employees are sustainable investments in our future as a company. Our goal is to create a trustworthy, respectful, appreciative and familiar working environment in our day-to-day work, in which our team feels comfortable.

To achieve this, we offer, among other things:

  • Home office
  • Work-life balance and family friendliness
  • Company pension scheme
  • Company health insurance, e.g. for preventive health care and dental treatment
  • Company health management
  • Independent information and counselling services for (psychological) problems or in crisis situations
  • Regular events for employees
  • Free drinks (water, coffee, tea)

2. Partnership

As a manufacturer, Securepoint sees it as its task to help partners in their work and to give them support. This form of assistance to partners and system houses with problems and projects has been part of Securepoint's DNA for over 20 years and is a central component of our company philosophy.

3. Environmental aspects

Ökologische Aspekte

Every contribution to sustainability counts - no matter how small. Our customers, partners and employees rightfully expect this from us.

For the company headquarters, this means:

  • Deliberate proximity to the railway station for optimal bus/train connections and environmentally friendly travel for many employees.
  • Increased use of various hybrid drives and electric cars in the company car fleet
  • Saving energy in the office, e.g. by using sensors and switching off computers
  • Careful use of equipment and materials
  • Paperless meetings and use of digital documents
  • CO2-neutral printing of flyers and brochures
  • Lüneburg tap water as a beverage
  • Reusable tableware
  • Waste separation

For our products and solutions this means:

  • More power per watt with improved energy efficiency is good for the environment, e.g. with the new UTM firewalls of the G5 series.
  • The packaging of all devices contains a reduced amount of plastic and foil as well as filling material made of recycled paper.
  • Larger orders with repackaging are shipped from our own warehouse exclusively with the ecological GreenCor® packaging, a very resource-saving and environmentally friendly corrugated packaging. If we already repackage, the environment should suffer as little as possible.
  • The roofs of the data centres we use are equipped with solar panels that cover a large part of our electricity needs. A significant proportion of these data centres are powered entirely by electricity from 100 per cent renewable energy sources and are certified accordingly. This means no electricity from nuclear and/or coal-fired power plants as well as compensation for the CO2 pre-chain emissions that arise, for example, during the construction of the power plants.

4. Education

Schulische Bildung/Erziehung

Cooperation with schools and the Leuphana University of Lüneburg is a social commitment for Securepoint. The engagement takes place through various activities, for example:

  • Offering a mentoring place as part of Leuphana's "Regional Perspectives - from University to Career" programme.
  • Support for regional career orientation through IHK training and career ambassadors
  • Involvement in career orientation for young people through active participation in regional training fairs
  • Conducting regular job application training in general education schools
  • Supporting the local vocational school by providing free, practical IT training in the classroom.
  • Offering internships for career orientation

Securepoint promotes the next generation of academic specialists by working with students. In the past, this kind of cooperation has already led to successful results for both parties, for example by providing professional support for practical semesters, bachelor's and master's theses or even permanent employment after successful completion of studies.

5. Community engagement

Especially in challenging times, it is important to take responsibility for your fellow human beings. Therefore, Securepoint regularly supports social projects with a charitable donation, for example the children's hospice "Sternenbrücke" in Hamburg in 2019 or the "LernRaum" project of the Lüneburger Kindertafel in 2020.

With the donation for the Lüneburger Kindertafel, our company wanted to make a contribution to social participation - especially with regard to the social challenges of the Corona crisis. Another goal of the donations was to strengthen the work of regional organisations.

6. Data protection and IT security

Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit

Securepoint GmbH lives the "no backdoors" idea like virtually no other company in the field of IT security. With our products, we secure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of customer hardware and data. With "Privacy by Design & Default", we implement the highest security standards in our solutions.

No hidden access codes and access mechanisms, i.e. no backdoors, are hidden in products developed by us. Third parties therefore have no uncontrolled access and no security-relevant functionalities can be deactivated. This is confirmed by Securepoint's membership in the Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. (German Federal Association for IT Security) and the TeleTrust trust marks "IT Security made in Germany" and "IT Security made in EU".