Testimonials and Quotes about Securepoint

"IT security is a must in today's world!
After a long search, we decided to become a specialist dealer for Securepoint. A reliable partner with very good support and thought-out quality products. An ideal addition to our portfolio and perfect protection for our customers!"

Peter Reinbold, Dunkelberg Systemhaus GmbH

"...i'am still totally satisfied with the service."

Armin Wein, Systembetreuung Städtisches Klinikum Neunkirchen

"Securepoint has been the number one choice in the area of security for us and our customers for over four years. The fact that the company and its products have developed so positively in such a short space of time tells us that we made the right choice. The products are constantly being developed and do far more than just a reliable job. Every employee from administration through technical support to management always has an open ear and supports us as a partner in all matters. The short chain of command and the swift assistance provided are big advantages, areas in which some manufacturers are severely lacking. Looking back, as a partner, we definitely backed the right horse."

Rodiac EDV-Systemhaus GmbH

“In addition to the top-quality products that Securepoint, as a manufacturer of IT security solutions, provides at competitive prices, I, as a specialist retailer, really appreciate the pleasant and professional cooperation that we enjoy.”

Hans-Werner Grimm, Managing Director at G & P Kopiersysteme GmbH

"BBZ-Schleswig is extremely satisfied with Securepoint’s firewall solution and the support it provides. It allows us to run and safeguard the complex network of our establishment and do likewise for the data connection to our branch office and for the home offices of our employees according to our requirements. And thanks to the campus licence, costs for updates and maintenance is kept to a minimum.”

Hartmut Andresen, System Support at BBZ-Schleswig

"All of the Securepoint solutions that we implement for our customers meet the satisfaction levels of us and our clients. This is especially true when it comes to advising our customers - here the Securepoint sales team has always provided great support. When installing the security solutions and whenever problems arose during operation, the technical support team was always available to provide expert assistance.”

Klaus Elgass, Managing Director at DVline GmbH

"What I like about Securepoint:
• Straightforward, unbureaucratic way they deal with problems
• Quick, expert and reliable support in GERMAN! (free of charge)
• Clear and tidy software interface, comprehensive FAQs and informative forum (free of charge)
• Suggestions for improvement are accepted and also IMPLEMENTED if deemed useful!
• Test products are made available for free

About the products:
• The interface is very clear; no extra programs are required since administration functions via the web interface.
• Fast web interface with no delays or errors!
• High detection rate for content filter and virus scanner
• Smooth administration via remote maintenance
• Stable VPN connections, both SSL VPN and IPSec, reliable and fault-tolerant site networking
• Backups and maintenance facilitated by free of charge Securepoint Operation Center
• Overall a very stable and well-balanced product which sets itself apart from the rest of the market thanks to the excellent service!"

André Liedtke, System Administrator at WB IT-Systeme GbR

"030-IT has been using Securepoint solutions successfully for many years at small and large customers. In addition to excellent scalability, we particularly value the superb stability and efficiency in the area of anti-spam and anti-virus. If we ever have questions, we can always reach the excellent support team in no time."

Christian Heidrich, Managing Director at 030-IT GmbH

"Our long-standing business relationship with Securepoint in Lüneburg is characterised by great commitment, technical expertise and superb support on the part of their qualified engineers and sales employees. Products from the Securepoint range are a perfect complement to our product portfolio in the IT security environment. In addition, the friendly, human aspect of our cooperation never fails to impress me. Thank you for your support and long may it continue!"

Marco Tapper, Managing Director at Walter Jessen GmbH