Channel Excellence 2021

The Channel Excellence Award 2021 "Security" goes to Securepoint!

The award is intended to provide an honest inventory of which manufacturers have made a particular commitment to the channel and how they score with users.

This is precisely why the Channel Excellence Awards are presented by the trade magazine ChannelPartner in cooperation with the market research institute CONTEXT. In all six categories, Securepoint performed significantly better than the average of the other security providers in the ranking.

1st place in the "Security Manufacturer" category

Channel Excellence Awards 2021 Wertungsgrafik

As part of the ChannelWatch study, Context had resellers rate the performance of the manufacturers using the quality specifications "very good - good - neutral - poor - very poor". For better comparability, these answers were converted into a school grading system from 1 to 5.

Securepoint stood out most clearly in the categories "Partner Support", "Sales Service" and "Training and Certification". The resellers surveyed saw the smallest difference in the breadth of the product range.

The average formed from the individual rubric scores shows how well Securepoint has positioned itself against the other security vendors: The company achieves an average score of 1.37 compared to a 1.85 for the other vendors.

René Hofmann, Sales Director:
"The great rating shows that our Unified Security concept is highly appreciated by users and partners in terms of performance and reliability. An important reason for the result is definitely our German support. As a manufacturer, we see it as our duty to help our partners in their work and to provide them with support. This form of support for partners with problems and projects has been part of Securepoint's DNA for over 20 years and is a central component of our company philosophy.

We see the Channel Excellence Award as motivation to continue working on the constant optimization of Securepoint solutions and to deliver the best products. To remain champion is our claim!"

About the Channel Excellence Award

The Channel Excellence Award is considered the Oscar of the IT security industry and is presented annually by the trade magazine ChannelPartner in cooperation with the market research institute Context. The results of the study and the awards in a total of 13 manufacturer and five distribution categories with over 2,300 resellers surveyed are among the world's largest surveys in the channel. They are therefore an essential assessment for manufacturers and distributors and an important decision-making aid.

This time, the "Security" category included antivirus programs, firewalls, security suites, privacy control and total care packages, and security devices. Only companies rated by at least 50 resellers were included in the evaluation. A qualitative criterion was also included: If the majority of the resellers surveyed rated the respective manufacturers as 'poor' or 'very poor', then they were not included in the ranking. Those who have mastered these hurdles are awarded the "Preferred Vendor". The respective winner of a category receives the Channel Excellence Award.