As a German manufacturer of IT security solutions, Securepoint relies on the multi-layered concept of unified security, i.e. comprehensive and holistic IT security. Our customers and partners appreciate the mix of reliable strategies, secure products and innovative training. With Unified Security, we optimally protect small and medium-sized enterprises from complex threats. Worldwide, more than 80,000 networks are already protected against cyber attacks and malware. Securepoint stands for the quality mark "IT security made in Germany" and IT security from a single source. Self-developed solutions are guaranteed free of backdoors. As a manufacturer and for its solutions, Securepoint has received several awards.

The corporate purpose of Securepoint GmbH is its own product development, product support and the sale of comprehensive IT security solutions for networks, mobile devices and IT workstations. All Unified Security solutions are also available as monthly services. Our product portfolio is completed by backup and recovery, detailed reporting capabilities and a free VPN client. A German-speaking, highly qualified support team at the Lüneburg location assists our partners free of charge in setting up and operating the security solutions.

Securepoint was founded in 1997. The company's headquarters are located in Lüneburg. Since then, the company has been able to show high growth rates every year. Currently, more than 180 employees work at the company's headquarters as well as in the branch offices in Potsdam, Stuttgart and Switzerland. The management of the owner-managed company consists of Lutz Hausmann (CEO), Claudia Hausmann (CFO), Oliver Hausmann (CTO), Jörg Hohmann (Marketing Director) and René Hofmann (Sales Director). Securepoint has had a close strategic partnership with Wortmann AG for many years.

The Securepoint management comes from the system house business and knows from their own experience the requirements and tasks that specialist retail partners have to face every day. The focus of our solutions is that they are sensible, functional and free of technical backdoors. All employees are committed to these corporate principles and are available with professional dedication.

Securepoint fulfills its corporate and social responsibility by dealing with its employees in a spirit of partnership and by continuously training young talent in technical and commercial professions.

Securepoint offers you the full set of secure IT security products. Here you find the Securepoint Unified Security in brief overview in the form of a brochure.

Quick facts about Securepoint

  • Securepoint is an owner-managed company
  • Bank/credit reform ratings: Securepoint has an A bank/credit rating
  • Awards: All our cyber security solutions and services are continuously benchmarked against the competition with very good results. Securepoint has received, among others, the Channel Excellence Award 2021 as the best security vendor in D-A-CH, several awards of the techconsult Professional User Rating 2021, the Cyber Security Award of funkschau, the IT-Business Award and as ICT Channel Champion.
  • 180 employees – including 14 TÜV certified data protection officers
  • Product development, product support and the sale of German IT security solutions for networks, mobile devices, IT workstations and clouds as part of the holistic Securepoint Unified Security
  • OEM manufacturers of Wortmann TERRA VPN/UTM products
  • Strategic partnership with Wortmann
  • Head office in Lüneburg near Hamburg
  • Subsidiaries in Potsdam, Stuttgart, Switzerland and Austria

The Securepoint Philosophy

    Securepoint has been successful in the business of security product development for over 20 years and has vast knowledge in the IT security area. We provide our partners with this expertise.
    As one of very few companies in this industry, Securepoint is on a secure self-financing footing, generates profits and enjoys complete independence from external investment.
    We speak your language. Almost all of Securepoint employees work in Germany and over 50% have been educated in universities or technical colleges. With a training rate of around 10%, we have also been supporting our young professionals for many years.
    Securepoint develops highly efficient IT security products that have been in use successfully for many years and are well established in the market. We offer customers comprehensive company protection.
    Our on-site development and hardware production in Germany give us complete control over our business processes and products and also allow us to cater for customers’ individual requests.
    We assist our retail partners and systems houses using our know-how with small to large, complex projects. This enables our partners to reach their objectives quickly and successfully.
    Our very own service centre in Germany supports all retail partners and systems houses expertly in the German-speaking regions. We provide help with consultation, training, concept development, tendering support and project implementation.
  8. SPEED:
    We are usually able to help our partners within minutes in support cases. Our support is free of charge for partners and has been a figurehead of our company for years. Unbureaucratic support and project assistance are a given here.
    Securepoint works indirectly via distributors, specialist retailers and systems houses. Unlike many competitors, Securepoint does not carry out any direct projects. We work on security projects together with our partners and forward any customer queries to them.
    We offer our partners extensive technical and sales training.
    ... to us are our partners and their customers. You can be sure about that!

Securepoint means IT security made in Germany

SecurITy made in GermanySecurepoint is a member of the German IT security association TeleTrusT. The Securepoint solutions for network security, WLAN management and email archiving have the quality mark "IT-Security made in Germany". Securepoint, with its expertise and its products, meets all of the important criteria required:

  • Head office for research and development is based exclusively in Germany
  • Guarantee of reliable security solutions
  • Commitment to preventing any hidden accesses for third parties (no backdoors)
  • Promise to comply with the German data protection law

This quality mark gives Securepoint partners and customers the assurance required to choose IT security products that are subject to the strict German data protection guidelines. The quality mark "IT-Security made in Germany" (ITSMIG) has been in existence since 2005 and was initiated by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, together with representatives of the German IT security industry. TeleTrusT has since taken over responsibility for all activities and leads the working group, ITSMIG, for this independently.

TeleTrusT Certificate (PDF)

without backdoors


IT solutions without backdoors

No BackdoorsSecurepoint GmbH guarantees to fully comply with Section 2.4 of the supplementary terms and conditions for the purchase of IT products (EVB-IT Purchase Conditions - Version 2.0 from 03.17.2016):

Securepoint provides IT products free of malware (viruses, worms, trojan horses), for example in boxed drivers or firmware. Securepoint also ensures, that the products to be shipped are free of functionality, which compromises or threatens the integrity, confidentiality and availability of hardware, other hardware and/or software or data and thereby damaging the confidentiality or security interests of the client by

  • functions for unwanted sending/extraction of data,
  • functions for undesired changes/manipulation of data or the process logic or
  • functions for unwanted reading of data or unwanted feature enhancements.

It is Securepoint's commitment, to ensure that the delivered products do not include any hidden access identifiers and -mechanisms, which will allow third parties a controlled access or disabling of security-related functions. An intentional weakening of encryption methods (eg. by wilfully shortened keys, incorrectly implemented encryption algorithms, weakened random generators, concealed master keys or information concealed in data streams which simplify encryption) is not used in Securepoint's products.

Backdoors? Not with us!
Founded in 1997, the Securepoint GmbH literally lives the "No backdoors" idea. Thanks to the in-house development, we can guarantee that our IT products are developed free of backdoors. We protect our customers and adhere to the backdoor liberty clause (also called "technical no-Spy clause").

No Backdoors Prospekt - German (PDF)

„We at Securepoint GmbH guarantee, that all our IT products are developed free of backdoors.”

Lutz Hausmann, Managing Director (CEO)

Member of the alliance for cyber security

Allianz für Cyber-SicherheitThe alliance for cyber security is an initiative from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that was founded in cooperation with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).

As a consortium of all of the important actors in the area of cyber security in Germany, the goal of the alliance is to increase cyber security in Germany and to strengthen the resistance of Germany as a location against cyber attacks. To this end, the alliance for cyber security is building an extensive knowledge base and supports the exchange of information and experience.

We all have something that drives us

We all have something that drives us: Securepoint makes an appearance in the image report of the Volksbank Nordheide eG and Volksbank Lüneburger Heide eG...

Product development with the aid of Brandenburg and the EU

Investition in Ihre ZukunftThis project was supported with funds from the Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs and the EU. The author is responsible for the content of the publication.

Securepoint and Linux

Securepoint is closely connected to the Linux community. Securepoint software can be found in almost every Linux kernel. Click on the link Securepoint Linux Sources to find the Linux source codes of Securepoint systems that are used. Securepoint supports the OpenVPN association and is a corporate member. The Securepoint OpenVPN Client is a VPN-Client developed by Securepoint that you are welcome to use free of charge. If you have any questions about this, please contact us!