SOC Leitstand

Product:Securepoint Operation Center 3
Suitable for:Central management of up to 5,000 UTM/VPN products and third-party systems
Brief overview:
  • Monitors systems, performance, utilisation, network activities, traffic, users
  • Uses central logging, reporting and warnings
  • Saves time during setup, maintenance, recovery, rollout, updates
  • Generate any type of statistics relating to web usage, traffic, attacks and much more
  • Security with automated backups and configuration management
  • Simple, central password management and quick system access
  • Monitoring data such as licences and versions


Dashboard: Brief overview of all systems


A graphical display of the CPU load, the memory usage and the period of validity of licences is provided for each UTM and VPN-Gateway. In addition, it displays the number of TCP and UDP connections and the Securepoint version that is used. The dashboard allows you to search for, filter, display and sort systems to get a quick overview of thousands of systems.

Central administration, backups and updates of UTM/VPN systems


You can use the Securepoint Operation Center to manage all VPN and UTM systems so that wide networks can also be managed securely. You are provided with a clear breakdown of all systems. Numerous sort and filter functions help the administrator to keep an overview of very large UTM and VPN infrastructures, too.

Administration and configuration


The main task of the SOC is to enable central remote configuration of your UTM/VPN-Gateways.

Automatic backup


The SOC can address all UTM and VPN systems automatically and perform time-controlled, central backups of the systems. You can adjust the backup period yourself.

User administration


You can create users that you can organise into user groups in the SOC. Restricted user rights and administrator rights can be assigned for users.

Central monitoring, logging and reporting


The SOC provides a large number of auditing, monitoring, logging and reporting functions so that you can always keep an eye on activities.



Administrators can use monitoring to get a quick overview of the status and the utilisation of all UTM and VPN systems. Various escalation levels provide the system administrators with the information that they need at the time to act quickly and purposefully even when critical situations occur.



The SOC LogCenter records Gateway log data of syslog and archives this data at specified intervals. The LiveLog allows real-time analyses to be carried out. Archived data is retained for an adjustable period and is then deleted. The LogCenter sends daily report emails, alarm emails and event emails for self-defined events by request.



The filters implemented in the SOC are useful tools for the targeted analysis of the log data and for generating a wide variety of reports. The following reports are generated by the SOC LogClient graphically and in text form:

  • Interface utilisation: outgoing/incoming traffic
  • Alerts: triggered alarms
  • IDS: Intrusion detection system attacks
  • Top websites: Traffic of the websites accessed
  • Top surfers: all users that cause traffic
  • Web report: Evaluating the traffic of a user
  • Surfers+websites: websites accessed according to users
  • Blocked categories: blocked website categories
  • Blocked websites: websites that are blocked
  • Top drop: dropped packets
  • Top accept: accepted packets
  • Top reject: rejected packets
  • Top rejected email: rejected emails
  • Top recipients email: accepted emails
  • Top sender email: accepted/rejected emails
  • Top accepted mail servers: accepted mail servers
  • Top rejected mail servers: rejected mail servers
  • Top server in greylisting whitelisted
  • Top server in greylisting rejected
  • Possible SMTP attack: Server IPs for SMTP attack


Simple integration of third-party systems


The Securepoint Operation Center (SOC) is an all-rounder, allowing you to integrate and to manage a myriad of different IT security systems simply, including those from other manufacturers. This includes:

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions from Securepoint and TERRA,
  • VPN solutions from Securepoint and TERRA,
  • Network Access Controller (NAC) solutions for Securepoint’s WLAN management,
  • Unified Mail Archive (UMA) solutions for Securepoint’s audit-proof email archiving.

Link Center


You can use the Link Center to integrate the following third-party products:

  • Intel Server Control solutions are directly supported by the SOC
  • as are every other solution from manufacturers that have a web interface.
  • RDP and VNC connections can also be integrated in the Link Center.




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